Tears Of A Clown ? Ringo Starr – “Beaucoups of Blues” – Full Album


‘Beaucoups of Blues’ was Ringo’s second full-length release in 1970, coming after his debut Sentimental Journey. Beaucoups of Blues missed the UK charts, reached #65 in the US. The album did better in Canada reaching #34, Australia at #33, and Norway at #21 (Best sales in Norway? Why Norway? Anybody out there from Norway?)

Some might say: “Ringo does Country & Western? Arrest him”, “My God, That Voice!”, “Shut up, You’re a Drummer”, “Go and make Some Silly Movies, Starkey”

Others might say: Bob Woffinden in his book The Beatles Apart “Ringo took his chance well and his homely lugubrious voice suited those typically maudlin country songs like a charm. It’s one of the best Beatle solo albums”.
In an interview with Jann Wenner from Rolling Stone magazine in December 1970, John Lennon called the album “a good record”.

I say: “Stop crying you’re heart out, Ringo, this is a damn fine ‘I Feel Miserable’ LP”

01/ 00:00 “Beaucoups of Blues”
02/ 02:35 “Love Don’t Last Long”
03/ 05:22 “Fastest Growing Heartache in the West”
04/ 07:59 “Without Her”
05/ 10:37 “Woman of the Night”
06/ 13:02 “I’d Be Talking All the Time”
07/ 15:16 “$15 Draw”
08/ 18:45 “Wine, Women and Loud Happy Songs”
09/ 21:06 “I Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way”
10/ 24:07 “Loser’s Lounge”
11/ 26:32 “Waiting”
12/ 29:29 “Silent Homecoming”
13/ 33:27 “Coochy Coochy” (Bonus Track)
14/ 38:17 “Nashville Jam” (Bonus Track) (Previously Unreleased)

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