Taco Tuesday: The Fevers

Sometimes, I want something very simple and fun to eat. Like Tacos. Sometimes I want something very simple and fun to listen to. Like The Fevers.

Formed in San Jose, CA in 1997, these guys play bubblegum punk pure and simple. I think this description from aliensnatch.de paints it perfectly.

“Late 70´s power pop, take the TEENAGE HEAD, the REAL KIDS, a dash of british like the INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, or artists like JOE JACKSON and the strong relation to the cool sound of today- as the DONNY DENIM 45 (Radio X) – The incarnation of bubblegum music! (remember all those semi-cool, semi-laughbale second echolon boygroups of the sixties as the HERMAN HERMIT´S, OHIO EXPRESS or the 1910 FRUITGUM CO ?) It makes the FEVERS genuinely sexy. A pounding, insistent bass, the punk rock drive, sparkling melodies, the FEVERS treat rocknroll history as our shared mythology. You can´t oppose, just tap your feets on the floor!”

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