Sylmar – “Transaturated Tunes” REVIEW

It’s not every day I get to listen to a band I’ve never heard of on vinyl. Of course, writing for two music publications, I get to hear new stuff almost daily. But it’s mostly streams or downloads. For me, vinyl is special. I rarely spend money on that format if I’ve never listened to it before. However, I also trust Soul Step Records. When I received Transaturated Tunes the debut album from Sylmar, I had little apprehension.

From the opening notes of “I Love Everything”, I knew I was going to love this album.

I’m not going to lie, Cincinnati Ohio isn’t exactly the first city that comes to mind when I think of Jazz. Then again Transaturated Tunes isn’t exactly a Jazz record and Sylmar isn’t exactly a Jazz band. Of course, the band utilizes elements from the genre from guitar tone to aesthetics, but it never truly feels like you’re listening to something as safe as that particular genre.

Sylmar’s sound is loose and airy like a jam band but calculated and focused as progressive. While R&B-meets-Jazz vocal riffs are becoming quite popular in the mainstream, Sylmar is a band not afraid to belt out a garage scream to express themselves. Giving them an edge not found in many acts who try their hands at this particular fusion.

Clocking in at just a shade over thirty minutes, Transaturated Tunes doesn’t over-stay it’s welcome.

In fact, I was legitimately bummed the record wasn’t longer! Most bands fall victim to over-stuffing debut albums to ensure audiences how well-rounded they are. Sylmar keeps the focus on the songs themselves and lets the album do all the talking. As I mentioned before, I hadn’t heard of this band prior to dropping the needle on this album. Instead of wanting to go back and hear earlier works, I’m far more excited to hear where they might go next!

Transaturated Tunes is available on vinyl exclusively through Soul Step Records in very limited quantities and variants. As cliche as it may sound when talking about a vinyl-only label, this album is best listened to on this format.

For more information on Sylmar, visit them on Facebook.

To purchase Transaturated Tunes on vinyl, head over to Soul Step Records.

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