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paisley beach

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‘Los Venturas’ started out in 1998 as ‘Harley and The Revtones’. Formed by Sebastien Fevry, Andy Wellens, Thomas Molineaux and Pieter Dedoncker they were playing mostly 60s double-picked instro-tunes and aimed to conquer the Belgian surf scene. The same month they did their first gig, 2 demo-tracks were recorded under the supervising eye of John Blair(!). Sadly these tracks have never been release…d on CD or vinyl, but maybe someday they will appear on a rarities album…
By the end of 1999 Los Venturas was formed after a bassist-switch and a change of name, as ‘Harley and The Revtones’ would wrongly be associated with the motorcycle-brand. The new name had to sound fresh, warm, ad-venturous and exotic. So Los Venturas has nothing to do with The Ventures, 60s-band The Venturas, Jim Carrey’s alter ego ‘Ace’ or the city with the same name.
Meanwhile they had found their specific sound and started making own compositions. In 2001 these Belgian youngsters released their first 4-track vinyl-only EP ‘ Sharkfest’. For some already a classic in neo-surf. For their full-album ‘Aloha Summer’, Los Venturas wanted to attend that classic 60s surfsound. In early 2003 they went on a trip to London to record in Liam Watson’s famous Toe Rag Studio (think of The White Stripes’ much praised album Elephant, also recorded in Toe Rag…).
Still chasing the sparkle of instrumental power, people came, people went, some traded their instruments, but they all switched into high gear and ventured forth into the vast realm of instro-rock. Thanks to the brilliant songwriting skills of Thomas Molineaux, Aloha Summer had a strong follower, ‘Surfers Brew’, an album that mixes ska, surf and a touch of reggae. Mention that all band-members were writing for this album which explains the diversity in styles…
When Christophe Boost joined the band, they started looking inspiration in various different styles like funk, chanson, … And thus continued to follow the path away from pure surf into an instrumental adventure. Their 4-track EP ‘Besame Mucho’ is the best example of what an instrumental band is capable of… with groovy hot tracks like Theme from P.O.R.N., Met de Vespa op de baan and Rai Uno… they will easily blow your mind.
Touring in California, Italy, England, Switzerland, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, … they sure have marked their spot in the European instrumental scene. Los Venturas have shared the stage with The Surfaris, The Trashmen, Slacktone, Jon and The Nightriders, Leighton Koizumi (The Morlocks), De Heideroosjes, Bee Dee Kay and The Roller Coaster and many many more.
Today the four venturas, Andy Wellens (b), Michael Schots (g), Christophe Boost (g) and Pieter Dedoncker (d), provide an appealing mix of surf music and ska, funk, rock-steady, soul, groove, reggae, rai, psychedelica, gipsy, … Their latest recordings give a perfect impression of the perfect blend of different styles and the new album Kaleydoskop, which has been recorded in Pete Curry’s ‘Powow Fun Room’ Los Angeles, is again a completely renewing release. While this album is coming out soon, they’re already working on new songs for the next one.
Please check out our site or myspace account to have a quick listen to some of the new songs.
Los Venturas

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