Start Off Your Week With Some Kicking Rockabilly, Meet Ruby & The Roughcuts


So much fun, you can not stop yourself from dancing and singing along. Rockabilly is all about bringing the fun and joy back into rock n roll and I’m here to tell you that’s what’s going on with Ruby and the Roughcuts. Monday shouldn’t be a drag so treat yourself to some cool tunes and start your week off right.

Meet…Ruby & The Roughcuts

Hi our name is…. Ruby & The Roughcuts

And our sound might be best described as…. Rockabilly (with a modern edge)

We are…. Ruby (vocals) Cal (Lead guitar/backing vocals) Gary (Rhythm Guitar) Alan (Double Bass) Vince (Drums)

We are originally from….. Poole in Dorset, England

The first time we met was….. April/May 2013. Alan and Ruby knew each other before, Gary and Cal responded to an advertisement. Vince, an old friend of Alan joined us in December

We knew we were going to be a Band when……… We managed to play our first song together. (Honey Don’t by Carl Perkins). We then knew that we all could play to a similar level and more importantly, play together.

Before starting the band we were employed as……. We have had and some of us continue to have careers many different careers ranging from Retail, Insurance, Sales, IT, Coaching…….etc.

Our craziest gig ever was…. We have played many gigs to as few as 15 people to as many as 300 people and we have played some strange gigs in bizarre venues including a large Vintage Clothing warehouse whilst people shopped? We have even played gigs where people have stripped off while dancing? The most memorable however was very recent, in Weymouth, England. We were supposed to start at 10pm and do 2 x 45 minute sets. At 10pm the place was almost empty and so we didn’t start until 10:30pm when there were a few more people in the venue but still not as many as we would have liked. With 3 songs remaining in the 1st set the place suddenly filled up and the place started rocking. We finished the set and only took a 10 min break until starting the 2nd set by which time the place had really filled up. From the very first song until the end of the set everyone was jumping, dancing and singing along. Due to audience demand we went on to do 2 encores and they still wouldn’t let us stop. Our gig finally ended 1am.

The first song we wrote was……. ‘I Can’t Stand You’. Cal wrote this one in August 2013 and we played it live for the first time in November.

It’s about…… All those little things that get in the way of an otherwise great relationship

What we are currently listening to…. It varies from band member to band member:
• Ruby loves listening to Imelda May, Ruth Brown, Rio and The Rockabilly Revival and Janis Martin.
•Cal likes Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Reverend Horton Heat, The Cramps etc
•Gary likes similar to Cal however also loves listening to blues and bluegrass
•Vince likes more contemporary rock’n’roll from bands like The Devil’s Daughters as well as sixties.
•Al prefers the sound of rock ‘n’ roll and traditional and contemporary jazz

A few albums we could never part with….

•The Cramps ‘Smell of Female’
•Imelda May ‘Love Tattoo’
•Janis Martin ‘The Female Elvis’
•Various ‘Rockabilly Psychosis & The Garage Band Disease’

For fun we like to…..

Ruby, Al, Gary and Vince all love their dogs. Cal prefers his football. Ruby also loves horses and rides regularly. Cal and Gary love their films and can bore the rest of the band with their endless film conversations. All of us love live music and go out to see other local bands as often as possible.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us…… Music is fun and doesn’t need to be used to promote beliefs or views.


from us in 2014…. We return to the studio in the next few months and aim to release our first album which will be entirely original material. We are also planning a video which we will promote via Youtube, Facebook & Twitter. We also are appearing in several festivals over the Summer around England. We hope to see you there.

Ruby & The Roughcuts – I Can’t Stand You

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