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Today we meet – Morningface. I want to apologize for taking so long to put this post up. I’ve been trying to catch up with some of these that I have had in queue and this one is long overdue. So let’s start a pre xmas vacation break from life in retail with some very cool psych vibes from Morningface. I think that getting lost in the music can be a very intoxicating thing and Morningface has that ability to take you down that road. Give a listen and feel the psych ,take you away to a dreamy place where kaleidoscope colors fill the sky.

Meet – Morningface

for those unfamiliar with your bands history, can you tell us all how you all met up and decided to start a band ?

Morningface is just me and a whoever I meet up and play with, I’ve been playing guitar for a quite a bit, however I’m not a technical player, I’m interested in sound: songwriting and recording primarily. I write the songs, play the instruments and record the tracks. Over the years I had the honor to meet and play and record with various people including Scott Hartlaub, Maxwell William and my cosmic tambourinist Jessica May Wylde. I’ve put out four records, three of which are up on bandcamp, including my new one of collaborations “THE HITS! THE COLLABS!” https://morningface.bandcamp.com/album/the-hits-the-collabs .

who would you list as your musical influence?.

I look to the Brian Jonestown Massacre everyday because Anton is making and putting out new music. every. fucking. day.

Spacemen3 and it’s members are illumination.

whats the coolest thing that’s happened to you as a band since you started up?

Having people dig the music

what are your hopes and dreams as a band for the next few years.

I’d like to tour, especially Europe, get more gear, work on my home studio and write more songs and record more albums

what are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

Dead Rabbits’ Lost & Found and the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Revelation, aka the purple album, which I listen to it everyday.

I’m also stuck by the Underground Youth, Black Lizard, anything on FUZZ CLUB or Spiderchild Records, The Ocular Audio Experiment’s Laughing Dreams (available on bandcamp) is also stellar. Gorgeous Bully is another favorite from Manchester as well as Control of the Going. Boston’s DYR FASER and Magic Shoppe are putting out amazing things. There is also a singer/songwriter from Denver, Will Charles, he is phenomenal, his albums are on bandcamp as well. I’d like to shout out HIGH & DRYs (Serbia), London’s Blue Endless Abyss and Scott Laraway’s the League for Sonic Discovery, all on soundcloud.. and beyond.

Do you see any real use for social media , or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?
Well yes, it’s how we met!
It’s great, a way to connect with people musically, share information and collaborate, inspire. Also it is allowing the common person the ability to have a voice. You can’t deny police here in the U.S. are murdering people when you see videos documenting it.

Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off.

If they dig it yeah but if they criticize it I just know they have shit taste in music. I’m just doing this as my life’s work, so it doesn’t matter if it’s dug or not, it’s the creative process I’m into, I have no illusions of greatness, no desire for anything but to continue to create. I just want to channel whatever cosmic light can shine through me.
Also, people could try creating new things instead of reacting and stewing in negativity, life is fluid, it is flow, we are evolving, we are growing, to go against that is death, and that will come soon enough.

What’s important is putting things out in to the world.

If you could tour anywhere in the world , where would you want to go.

Europe, especially England: Manchester, where most my favorite bands hail from. Everywhere, I want to see it all.

Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life.

Yeah, music is transcendence, it strikes the universal chord. It can save/activate your soul.
There is something more to us and though my mind can’t comprehend it, I feel music opens some gateway to it all.

Any last thoughts for your fans?
For people in general yes, but I don’t really think I have fans, I have people who dig music and luckily appreciate mine, that’s beautiful.



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