Some of my Favorite Moments from Americana Fest 2015

I wanted to post some of my favorite photos from Americana Fest this past week here in Nashville. I took wayyyy too many but I had a great time. I could write separate posts on each act but that would take me forever and I want you to see these photos like yesterday! I keep photoshopping them and I am getting on my own nerves! So here you go and in no particular time order because I am trying this thing where I am more laid back… Scroll over the photos for names and places!

The first photo is one-third of The Wood Bros.. Amazing show that I caught at The Basement. My first full show at Americana Fest and I couldn’t have asked for better. Their new album, Paradise, drops October 2nd.

Then we have The Vespers at The Basement East. I featured them recently with my Video of the Day post. They sang songs from their latest album, Sisters and Brothers, kicking it up a notch from just bluegrass!

Gill Landry showing us what he does best with his acoustic guitar at the Cannery Ballroom. I love listening to his stories and hearing him sing his songs.

The Banditos were a wild bunch of six. I loved watching them on stage, full of energy even late into the night. Think Janis Joplin but also every member sings their songs! It was a good show.

Rock-n-roll is back with Mr. JD McPherson and his band. I love to watch him perform on stage. He gives everything he has to give and then some. I added some photos of Jimmy Sutton on the upright bass, because how could I not… I could go on and on about this guy, but I am sure I will be writing more soon on him!

Jackie Greene is just an unbelievable musician. That is all I can say about him. He can play anything and play it to perfection. I love watching him perform no matter who he is with or if he is singing for himself.

Ray Wylie Hubbard, another great storyteller, who kept me laughing so hard during his songs I forgot what I was doing. He has been singing and doing this for over fifty years. To say I was just amazed is an understatement.

Nathaniel Rateliff was entertainment. The first official show of Americana Fest for me. Wednesday night at Mercy Lounge. His voice radiates his energy and you can feel everyone just go “YES!” And so Americana Fest, you may begin. Our captain is here, please lead the way. The whole room was crazy. We were stompin, clapping, snapping and humming along.

Steelism is a duo from Alabama with a vintage take on the music scene. I was intrigued and the show was fun. Their full-length album just out last week, 615 to Fame, via Single Lock Records. They had a lot to celebrate!

And finally, Low Cut Connie. My hardest and most fun to photograph. The energy and personality of this band cannot fit in a picture. I couldn’t capture them in a frame but maybe the blurs will say something about their kick-ass show that night! From the many piano stands and aerobatics I managed some pictures that you are able to see detail. I am so glad I caught them and at Third Man Records in the Blue Room! Such a cool place, if you have never been, please check it out. That round room of fun is more than I can describe right here…

All of these acts were incredible and there are so many more photos I could share with you! To find out more about all of these great artist checkout the Americana website.

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