Some Fuzz from The Garage…. The Edsel Furys

edsel furys

You have my attention, anytime you list The Sonics as a influence… Cool Cover Of Kicks.

from Reverbnation.

“The Edsel Furys do matching shirts, and play soulful garage-y surf-y rock ‘n’ roll. Their ‘car crash’ name does nothing to explain how well they fit together. If its cheesy, then its tasty cheese.” – Listomania Bath.

“Go! Go! Garage Fuzz.. rather like 60’s Swedish Magazines… Vintage, wrong and highly addictive…” – Devil Kick’s Dancehall.

“Full Tilt Garage Yuff!” – Emily Breeze.

Consisting of various members of serveral West Country bands (like Kenisia and The Setbacks), THE EDSEL FURYS got together this little outfit to play their favourite Fuzzy Garage songs from the 60’s.

The Edsel Furys have recorded thier debut EP ‘Sound Of Furys’, featuring two original compositions.

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