Seattle’s Annual Rock’n’Roll Freaks Weekend (Day 1) – August 28, 2021

Day 1 of Sixth Annual Rock’n’Roll Freaks Weekend in Seattle featured the Zack Static Sect, the only band to be representing the PNW in this year’s Gonerfest 18 in Memphis.  The festival is back with a full list of independent bands, to be headlined by Reigning Sound (9/24) and The Spits (9/25), with the guest MC appearances by Henry Rollins (9/24) and Toody Cole (9/25).  Full schedule of the festival is here.  See this 50third article on a short history of Gonerfest.

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Mari Tamura

Music photographer based in Seattle. Stones > Beatles. Cats > Dogs. Sushi > Jambalaya. Fluent in Japanese and English.

(Profile Pic: Jamie Harmon)

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