Shilpa Ray’s Wicked cover of Where Evil Grows

In Canada Terry Jacks is best known for his 1974 maudlin number one hit “Seasons In the Sun” but before that (1968-1972) he recorded with his wife Susan as The Poppy Family stringing together a few hits like “Which Way You Goin’ Billy” and “Good Friends“.

Where Evil Grows” was released in 1971 and was an early environmental protest song targeting the foresting industry. I remember this song on Canadian radio, so when I heard Shilpa Ray‘s cover I was floored.

She says:
Ever watch the video of this song on the Kenny Rogers show? It’s sublime. A wholesome white couple, seemingly Jesus loving hippies, singing a song about where evil grows. I first heard this track while working the door at Pianos this past winter. My friend, DJ Andy Haynes, a connoisseur of creepy music, was spinning that night and the lyrics to this grabbed me. “Evil grew. It’s part of you and now it seems to be that every time I look at you evil grows in me.” Like I said, really creepy.

Yes that’s a super sexy Kenny Rogers with the intro. My Mom would be freakin’ out!



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