One chord blues, three chord rock…..The Shangri Lips


I saw the band name on a flyer posted on twitter. They opened for The Oblivians and that’s about enough for me….This is garage rock that restores your faith for the future of rock, it’s the voice that drags you back to the obvious influence in the Bands name. It’s the boom, boom, boom, Animals with  some Bo Diddley . Guitars are front and center laying down the beat, throw in the cowbell and your off to the races. I love her voice, it’s Holly Golightly mixed in with some Mary Weiss and she is no other than Margaret Garrett from a band a few of us played back in the days of BlipFm, Mr Airplane Man.  Suzanne Lomanto
and Heather Beck make up the rest of the Band. So stop whatever it is your doing, go get your coffee , turn it up and get ready to be moved, this is the real deal. And after your done listening tell your friends at the local record store to stock this album if it isn’t already in the bin.


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