SHADY GREYS- Releases First Full Length “Like a Child”

This band, oh my god, this band. Shady Greys. The words I need to describe how great their music is buried deep within my brain still high from listening. Okay so I will start here. Shady Greys is duo Catherine Coutoux and Marcus Hayes. shady greysRemember back when I introduced them to 50thirdand3rd, well they have now released their first full length album, Like A Child via Kroese Records on April 15th. This album comes at you hard and fast and is highly recommended for fans of the White Stripes, early Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys. Definite tones of trashy hard-rock, garage style throughout the album and lyrics with heavy guitar shredding that makes you hold on tight, the scratchy lo-fi vibe keeping you grounded. It’s raw and complete perfection. The magic of having no drums (Courtney plays with her feet), heavy guitar riffs and incredible energy forces an unimaginable craving for the next song. Check out these videos below for more reasons to love this music. Just watching these two perform you can see how much they feel the songs and what they are doing, it’s everything.

Live at Red Light Radio…

Live at RPM studios

Shady Greys are Marcus Hayes and Catherine Coutoux from Amsterdam. This powerduo have been making sounds together since 2012 playing big festivals and sharing the stage with some pretty big names. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and bandcamp

shady greys

Photo by Jonathan Hielkema

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