Seattle Pop Punk Festival (Day 3) – January 25, 2020

The Cripples
The Cripples at Seattle Pop Punk Festival 2020

Now in its 3rd year, Seattle Pop Punk Festival (SPPF) is a multi-day, full-fledged event that features 20+ bands on multiple stages, in addition to a dim-sum brunch outing to Seattle’s International District.  I got to check out the Day 3 and came away capturing my old favorite The Cripples, among others.  The Cripple’s last album Culture was released from Dirtnap Records back in 2005.  Rumor has it that they might be starting back up with their brand of wacky, keytar-driven synth punk this spring onward.

Mable's Marbles

Mable’s Marbles at SPPF 2020


Rat Queen

Rat Queen at SPPF 2020


The Fall-Outs

The Fall-Outs at SPPF 2020

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