Saturday Double Feature. A “Meet” and Mix from Burnt Palms

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I’m calling it Beach Garage Punk because I love this sound. Growing up on The Beach Boys, The Ventures and all things Beach with a dose of Girl Group power like “Leader Of The Pack” from The Shangri-Las. Anyway mix it all together smash it up with some fuzz and here we go…

Our name is Burnt Palms.

Some people say we sound like pop, punk and grunge mixed together… but you’ll have to decide.

We are: Clara Nieto (drums/back vocals), Brian Dela Cruz (bass) and Christina Riley (guitar/vocals).

Clara and Brian are from Salinas, California. Christina is from Ottawa, Canada but moved to Seaside six years ago to get close to the beach.

Christina met Clara officially when Clara knocked on her Seaside door for their first jam sesh, which was set up through a mutual friend. They both met Brian after he responded to a flyer Clara posted at a music store looking for a bass player.

I guess we knew we were going to be a band after we recorded our first album… up until then there was no title and we were just making music to play music and have fun. Which is exactly what we’re still doing, except now we have a name and some physical evidence of our existence.

Before starting the band and still, Brian works at Costco, Clara works in property management and Christina is a photographer.

The craziest show was when we played in Stockton, CA at a vacant strip mall store. The storefront was all blacked out with tarps so people and cops couldn’t tell that anything was happening in there. Halfway through the second bands set, everyone inside was told to be silent because there were cops outside a bar a few stores down with their guns drawn. After the cops left, everything continued and it was a super fun one.

The first song that came together was Numb One (on our first album). Christina wrote the lyrics and guitar, then Clara added the drums. It’s about taking pills to feel better and them making you feel nothing at all. When Brian came into the picture, the first song he wrote bass for was Zombie Haze (on the split tape with Gurr). Christina wrote the guitar and lyrics. It’s sort of about losing your mind and trying to find your way back to the real world.

Since our taste in music varies from each other, Currently Christina is listening to Tony Molina, Cold Beat and 4 songs off the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Two albums she couldn’t part with: Twice Removed by Sloan and Live Through This by Hole. At the moment Clara is listening to The Smiths’ Meat is Murder and Wild Flag’s Self Released. Clara would rather not part with any album released by Sarah Records. Brian is currently listening to Future Vanishes EP by Rose Elinor Dougall, Enthusiastby Siriusmo, and Souvlaki by Slowdive. Some albums he can’t live without are Homogenic by Björk, Flourish // Perish by Braids, and Hold Your Horse Is by Hella.

For fun Clara likes to play music and run. Brian plays video games, watches movies, records little synth songs, and go’s bowling. Christina really loves to take pictures and surf, as well as make songs.

The one thing we’d like you to remember when you’re listening to us: There is a boy in our band.

Expect our second album out this year!

Burnt Palms …Loves Very Gun Records Mix Tape

Walking With a Killer-Kim Deal

Skeletons-Inflatable Boy Clams

All That Ever Mattered-Shop Assistants

Raspberry Thighs-The Mantles

Cigarette in Your Bed-My Bloody Valentine

Creep the Creeps-Kids on a Crime Spree

I Know-Love Cuts

Big Dipper-Built To Spill



Love Is A Wave-Crystal Stilts

Near Enough-Braids

Strange Warnings-Rose Elinor Dougall

Three Decades-The Horrors

Tantrum Barb-Animal Collective

Body of Shade-Marriages

Billy Two-The Clean

Personal Planes-Priests

Blue-Whirlwind Heat

Stoic Logic-Zach Hill

Dead Cowboy-Lightning Bolt

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