Sassy Sneak Peek: Eisley “Currents” Drops May 28th

Eisley has been one of my favorite bands for the past seven years.

This rock n’ roll family band, consisting of 4 siblings and one cousin, released their first album back in 2005 and even at 16 years old I remember being blown away by their talent. Since the release of their first record, Room Noises, they have gone on to release 2 other follow up full length records and an EP. Known for their traditional whimsical lyrics, pitch perfect voices and obvious instrumental talent (all 5 members play an instrument, if not more), Eisley is an indie treasure.

What’s really remarkable about this band is that you can see a change within the music over the years throughout their records. Because they have been playing and making music from such young ages, their experiences within their lives reflect in the musical process. Specifically their third album, The Valley, was a new milestone for the band because they separated from a major music label, joined Equal Vision Records and had a more hands-on role in the creative production of their music. In addition, the lyrics on the album touched on some really personal issues for the band members, such as divorce and separation, which only further made their fan base appreciate their vulnerability and willingness to share through the songs.

And really, I think that’s one of the best parts of being a fan. Growing with the band as they themselves change, as does their music, and feeling like you are a part of the process as the listener.

Now with their 4th full-length album debut quickly approaching, it’s evident even more so that Eisley has done it again. Just based off of this one tune, I am digging the new quirky Euro-popish experimental vibe.

The current is shifting yet again…. see what I did there?
Ya me too.


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