Rock n Roll is my ace in the hole

You’re in a band, and you want nothing more than to succeed, it’s your job. Sure, you’ll have to schlep at a regular job to pay the bills, but don’t whine. Here’s some advice:

1. Be nice to anyone who wants to give you a shot. Show up, honor your deals. Be a likeable, real person to club staffers, people who offer to trudge your amps through slush and snow, in short, don’t be a dick. That is all you will be known for, forever.
2. You won’t go anywhere on lies, excuses, and stories. When you have one line that you throw out to everyone, it gets old really fast, and you’re nowhere near as cunning as you think you are. People will see through you really quickly.
3. If you’re still having fun, and you don’t care how old you are or how long your band has been at its current level, cool. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend.

Now, enjoy some Redd Kross, and one of their webisodes of “Bitchin’ Ass”. The RK vid is NSFW, because boobies.

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