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Wooden Waves – Big Wheel

Today we meet, Wooden Waves, out of the great city of Buffalo New York. This piece was a long time in the making , but finally with the help of our friends at One Percent Press , today is your day to give a listen to what I call just good old rock ‘n’ roll. What I think you will come away with after giving the album a proper listen to is the fact that “Wooden Waves” are a band that do justice to the idea of well written songs . You can tell that they take their music seriously. Everything on the Album is as tight as a drum. Good stuff and a fantastic way to wake up early on a Sunday morning!!

*Hi our name is…

Wooden Waves

*People say we sound like…..*

Archers of Loaf, Silkworm, Broken Social Scene, left-field 60s pop, 80s
punk, 90s college rock, pizza parlors and neon mutants, sloppy indie-punk
from Albany, surf-rock and a bunch of other stuff that we probably don’t
sound like at all.

We are….

Ray, Joey, Nikki, Billy, and Sonny (who isn’t represented here as he is
afraid of ‘puters.

We are from…….

Buffalo, New York

*Who are some that have an influence on you*

Joey: Mom, Dad, and Sonic Youth.

My Mum and Dad, Grandma Peg, Brother Ray, Brother Liam, Joe Head,
Sbriggomortis, Jeff Buckley, movies with noice sounds and muzik that sounds
noice in movies.

Ray: Certain labels like SST, Matador, Lookout!, Flying Nun, have released
a ton of records that we love and that have had huge impressions on us.
We’re also really into a lot of sketch comedy and absurd television shows.

*How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the

Billy: Started pluckin the bass when I was 14 and haven’t figured out how
to stop!

Joey: 11 years old I started playing guitar, now I yell and hit keys.

Nikki: I started playing alto saxophone in 4th grade. In the band I play
keyboards and electronic toys and sing.

Ray: I started playing bass at age 10 and started my first sort-of band at
age 11. I switched to guitar around age 20 and have been playing it since.
I sing in the band, as well.

*Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the
way through getting the songs out*.

Ray: Most of the time I’ll write a song or bring an idea to everyone else
and we all put it together and make it ours. The occasional tune comes
about by way of just playing with no preconceived notion of where it will
go….or what the kids call jamming.

*What are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you
overcome those challenges? *

Nikki: Once we had all of our instruments stolen. We filed an insurance
claim and bought new instruments.

Billy: Keeping the youthful rebellious feels while adulthood and male
pattern baldness get in the way.

Ray: Getting our five bodies in one room at the same time to do what we do.

Joey: Putting up with Sonny! j/k lololololol!!!!

*If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go
and what year would it be?*

Joey: Harlem, 1933.

Nikki: I would travel back to the dawn of man so I could listen to the
first drum beats and cave-howls.

Ray: Los Angeles, early-80s to see a Minutemen or Descendents show or
Berkeley, CA, early-90s to see a show at 924 Gilman St.

Billy: I would go to 1955 and rip a mean knee sliding solo during “Johnny
B. Goode” at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

*Who are all of you currently listening to?

Nikki: Jonathan Richman

Joey: Jonathan Richman

Billy: The new My Morning Jacket album.

Ray: Husker Du, Kendrick Lamar, and a band from Buffalo called Newish Star

* What do you think of “the state of rock n roll”?*

Billy: I like that the sub genres of rock n roll are always growing and
evolving but it does make for some terrible, corporate driven garbage. You
have to just deal with that stuff existing and appreciate the good stuff
that generally gets little attention.

Ray: As far as mainstream rock goes, I don’t think there’s a whole lot to
hang onto. In Buffalo, though, rock music is doing pretty great for itself.
We’re lucky to have so many rad bands to see or play with here.

Joey: It’s neat at times but also a real messy bessy.

*Some albums that you have played on repeat over the years……*

Billy: Weezer’s Blue Album and Pinkerton, any Tragically Hip album, Jeff
Buckley’s Grace

Joey: Built To Spill, New Order’s Substance, Ace of Base

Nikki: Return of the Rentals, Weezer’s Blue Album

Ray: Mogwai – Mr. Beast, Weezer – Pinkerton, Green Day – Kerplunk, Arthur
Russell – Love Is Overtaking Me

*If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?*

Ray: Fucked Up because it would be cool if that dude screamed on one of our
songs. I’ll also say Pearl Jam because it would be cool to play with a good
arena rock band for a crowd who doesn’t really give a shit to see us!

Billy: Hmmm… so many great bands out there, but seeing as they just
played around Buffalo (and were allegedly awesome), I’m going to say the
Rolling Stones. Ive never been a huge fan but it would be awesome to party
with Keith Richards.

Nikki: Yo La Tengo – because they have always been and always will be the

Joey: Yo La Tengo duh!

*My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him… *

Billy: Play as loud as you want at any time of the night! haha

Joey: Don’t stop the rock.

Nikki: Good luck! I hope you like smelly vans!

Ray: Stay in school, write tunes, and have fun.

*Beatles or Stones….

Ray: Whoever sang “Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love In My Tummy.”

Billy: The Beats!

Joey: Beatstones!

Nikki: Wooden Waves

*Our plans for 2015 and beyond…..*

Joey: Write more, record more, release more, rock more.

Nikki: Whatever Ray says. He’s the boss of this operation.

Ray: I think Joey nailed it.

give a listen to this killer Album…

Wooden Waves:

One Percent Press:


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