Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock and Roll

Rock Goddess are back!

Sandwiched somewhere between The Runaways and Girlschool was England’s Rock Goddess. Even though they formed in 1977, a year before the more well-known Girlschool, Rock Goddess didn’t release a record until 1982, with the single “Heavy Metal Rock and Roll“.

Inspired by The Runaways, sisters Jody and Julie Turner at 13 and 9, decided to form a band. There were a number of problems that plagued the band early on, number one being that they were underage and limited to how much they could tour and where they could play.

They did release three records between 1983 and 1987 including the classic very underrated debut record, before breaking up in 1988. They reformed a couple of times over the years with various members but it always fell apart.

However in 2013 the three original member got back together and now we have a brand new EP. The first track “It’s More Than Rock and Roll” sounds like classic killer Rock Goddess.

Jody Turner – Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Julie Turner – Drums & Backing vocals
Tracey Lamb – Bass Guitar & Backing vocals

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