Robots, Disco, and Daft Punk – Album Review: Random Access Memories


Time to own up. I am in love with the new Daft Punk album which is much more mellow than previous records. Much to my dismay, ( and to my boyfriend’s great excitement) I have given myself over to the funky futuristic beats incorporated on their new album, Random Access Memories. The French musical duo that is Daft Punk, originated back in the early 90’s and are known for their techno-pop club hits that climbed the charts such as : “One More Time,” “Digital Love,” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” Due to the success of their singles, many of their songs were covered, exported, and used within other genres of music as well. In addition to their original albums, between 2008-2010 Daft Punk also teamed up with various production parties to compose music for the video game, DJ Hero, as well as a soundtrack for the film Tron:Legacy, and a remix album for the same.

Daft Punk

Their music isn’t all that they are known for. Daft Punk is also super theatrical in the sense that their shows are a performance and they dress in elaborate costumes to reflect the experience of their music. Their futuristic style is widely praised and their fans go so far as to mimic their apparel at shows and events.


What I really love about their new album are all the collaboration songs with various musicians such as: Paul Williams, Nile Rodgers, Chilly Gonzales, Giorgio Moroder, Nathan East, Todd Edwards, Panda Bear, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. and my personal favorite, Julian Casablancas, lead front man of The Strokes. Daft Punk really and truly perfects the musical collaborative process, in that each song captures the essence of the offbeat Daft Punk style but still reflects the musician who is aiding the process. For example, my favorite song on the album, “Instant Crush,” features vocals and guitar by Julian Casablancas, and from the moment the song begins you can sense that sort of Strokes like rhythm. The balance of creativity and musical quality is outstanding, and although there are mixed reviews, I for one really enjoy the album.

A link to their homepage, they have recorded videos about each of the collaborators: (Even their webpage is an experience!)

Trust me, it’s even better on vinyl. But then again, what isn’t?
Go get your funk on.

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