Roadkill Radio #31: Tribute For Three Dead Kings


In a week that has seen three deaths of legends in their fields –Grant Hart, Harry Dean Stanton and Charlie Tolnay– host Benny Two-Shoes pays fitting tribute the great men, receives an unexpected hand job from a midget, threatens to have sex with you and talks about his pubic hair. Basically, other than our tribute and tons of killer punk and garage rock, we’ve slipped to new lows.

But listen anyway!

This week’s playlist:

Grong Grong  ‘Japanese Train Driver’
King Snake Roost  ‘Worm’s Eye View’
Tumor Circus  ‘Take Me Back or I’ll Drown Our Dog’
Legendary Stardust Cowboy  ‘I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spacecraft’
Ry Cooder  ‘Paris, Texas’
Husker Du  ‘Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill’
Husker Du  ‘Pink Turns to Blue’
Husker Du  ‘Green Eyes’

Banditos  ‘Fine Fine Day’
Big Star  ‘September Gurls’
Cheap Trick  ‘Surrender’
Urge Overkill  ‘Out on the Airstrip’
Midget Handjob  ‘Ugly Day’
The Bobbyteens  ‘Hot City Boy’
Andy G & the Roller King  ‘Dance Last Night’
Les Sexareenos  ‘Go Away’
Coachwhips  ‘1,000 Years’
New Bomb Turks  ‘Born Toulouse Lautrec’
Didjits  ‘Jerry Lee’
Bunker Hill  ‘The Girl Can’t Dance’
Esquerita  ‘Maybe Baby’
Jack Oblivian  ‘Honey, I’m Too Old for You’
Gibson Bros. ‘Chicken Hearted’
Les Grys Grys  ‘Left Unseen’
Kyra  ‘Ego-Maniac’
The Pop Rivets  ‘Incendiary Device’
Feedtime  ‘I Wonder What Happened to Papa’s Little Angel Child’
The Nils  ‘River of Sadness’
Grant Hart  ‘Now That You Know Me’

Enjoy and thanks for listening to Roadkill Radio!

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Apologies to all for the lack of Handsome Jake form The Caballeros on this episode as promised. Next week. Definitely next week. The untimely deaths of the great Grant Hart, Harry Dean Stanton and Charlie Tolnay threw a spanner in the works. Selfish really.

R.I.P. to the Three Great Kings.

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