Roadkill Radio #26: My Boyfriend’s Back and He’s Gonna Kick Your Ass!

This week on Roadkill Radio we pay tribute to the great Australian record producer Tony Cohen, we spin a brand new single by one of our favourite all-girls bands, unearth a long lost gem from a gay icon, get up for another glorious round of Nerd Dancing plus muse, ponder and contemplate our way through 27 slabs of killer, kick ass rock and or roll.

And Benny Two-Shoes gets berated by someone claiming to be his mother.



This week’s playlist:

Alice Donut  ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’
Art Phag  ‘Lost My Baby in Outer Space’
The Third Bardo  ‘My Rainbow Life’
Spotting  ‘Dual Paths’
Finger Fingerrr  ‘Phyrric V’
Romeo Void  ‘Never Say Never’
Wicked Shimmies  ‘Staying Out of Sight’
Laughing Clowns  ‘Holy Joe’
Mick Harvey  ‘SS C’est Bon’
Lydia Lunch & Anubian Night  ‘Touch My Evil’
The Tubes  ‘White Punks on Dope’
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter  ‘LLL’
The Darts  ‘The Cat’s Meow’
Cher  ‘I Walk on Gilded Splinters’
Mr. Airplane Man  ‘Never Break’
The Buff Medways  ‘Troubled Mind’
Electric Eels  ‘Agitated’
Devil Dogs  ‘They’re Not Around’
The Fun Things  ‘(I Ain’t Got) Time Enough For Love’
Asteroid B-612  ‘Always Got Something to Lose’
Steven Jesse Bernstein  ‘No No Man’ (Part I)
Fang  ‘The Money Will Roll Right In’
The Precious Few  ‘Train Kept A Rollin’
The Lollipop Shoppe  ‘You Must Be A Witch’
Question Mark and the Mysterians  ‘Girl, You Captivate Me’
The Coasts  ‘Hard Working Man’
Kim Salmon & the Surrealists  ‘Rose Coloured Windscreen’


*Roadkill Radio would just like to express our condolences at the passing of legendary Aussie record producer, Tony Cohen who died on August 3, 2017 at the age of 60. He was involved in the production of some of Australia’s most respected albums including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘Murder Ballads’ Kim Salmon and the Surrealists ‘Sin Factory’ The Birthday Party ‘Junkyard’ to name but a few. R.I.P. brother.

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