Roadkill Radio #38: The Eric Davidson Museum of Stolen Beanies

20 years ago, Benny Two-Shoes was hustled by an extremely crafty beanie thief. His name was Eric Davidson, singer of the New Bomb Turks. Eric’s modus operandi was basic yet genius. Under the guise of a simple Ohio singer, he jokingly takes unsuspecting concert goers’ beanies off their heads and shoves them down his pants. When the unsuspecting punter doesn’t ask for it back, he keeps the beanie and stores it in his Beanie Museum. Now, Benny Two-Shoes is onto Eric’s little ploy. Sure, Benny’s being petty, but hey, he’s fighting for the downtrodden and chilly. It’s winter. His head is cold. Oh, in between his irrelevant whinging there’s a whole lot of killer punk, garage, psych, metal, and even ragtime and chanson tunes! Plus it’s our birthday. Now sing!


Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders  ‘My Girl’s Pussy’
Bored  ‘Feed the Dog’
Cosmic Psychos  ’74 Seconds’
Action Swingers  ‘I’m Dead’
Art Phag  ‘Molly ‘n’ Bobby’
Deja Voodoo  ‘Surfer Joe’
Lotte Lenya  ‘Moon of Alabama’
Los Eskeletos  ‘Misa Negra’
Fire Bad  ‘Monster Wine’
William Shatner  ‘Garbageman’
Ten High  ‘LG #1
Glue  ‘Clown of Thorns’
Hood Rats  ‘Annihilation’
Honeychain  ‘Going Through Your Purse’
Lucifer’s Friend  ‘Ride the Sky’
Leaf Hound  ‘Freelance Fiend’
George Brigman & Split  ‘I Can Hear the Ants Dancin’
Os Haxixins  ‘Voltei Demente’
The Ar-Kaics  ‘It’s Not My World’
SNFU  ‘Tour Tantrum’
D.I.  ‘Youth in Asia’
Spermbirds  ‘Playboy Subscriber’
Gang Green  ‘Alcohol’
The Stiffs  ‘Fuck You’
Downtown Boys  ‘Violent Complicity’
Twenty Second Sect  ‘Ring My Bell’
Clone Defects  ‘Clone Defect’
Devo  ‘Mongoloid’
Laughing Hyenas  ‘Gabriel’
Killdozer  ‘Short Eyes’
Sexton Ming & His Diamond Gussets  ‘Break His Spirit’
Justine & The Unclean  ‘Worry Stone’
Donovan  ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’


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Next week on Roadkill Radio we got ourselves a big funky-see-funky-do extravaganza! 2 (or 3) hours of blissful, arousing funkified music just itching to tickle your nether regions and have you sizzling where you ain’t never sizzled before. Be there or… don’t.

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