Roadkill Radio #37: Skin Oil & Rock ‘n’ Roll Wrestling

Poor old Benny Two-Shoes is so broke that he is forced to auction off his own disgusting skin oil. As the live auction rolls on, a myriad of psych, punk, garage and latin funk keeps the earholes occupied, as well as a Dukes of Hazzard homage, a rant, a blow up, a meltdown and a wholly inappropriate joke.


Comets On Fire  ‘Blue Tomb’
Bich Loan & CBC Band  ‘Con Tim Va Nuoc Mat’
Snowman  ‘Smoke & Mirrors’
Los Texao  ‘Stone’
Cacique  ‘Cacique’
Fidlar  ‘Cocaine’
Finger Fingerrr  ‘Eu So Ganho’
Human Eye  ‘Lightning in Her Eyes’
Pere Ubu  ‘Monkey Bizness’
Plasticland  ‘Office Skills’
Thee Oh Sees  ‘Dead Man’s Gun’
Flower Graves  ‘Be Your Man’
The Darts  ‘You’ll Bring Me Flowers’
The Primitives  ‘Been Hiding’
The Senders  ‘Devil Shooting Dice’
Jet  ‘Cover Girl’
New Math  ‘Die Trying’
The Tours  ‘Language School’
The Real Kids  ‘Do the Boob’
Minutemen  ‘Paranoid Chant’
The Replacements  ‘Customer’
Dwarves  ‘Lick It’
Teengenerate  ‘My G.T.O.’
Hood Rats  ‘Cheap Rent’
Dirty Fences  ‘Sell the Truth’
Livids  ‘(Some of Us Have) Adrenalised Hearts’
Clone Defects  ‘Blood on Jupiter’
Psychotic Turnbuckles  ‘(Wild Scenes In) Albuquerque’
Davila 666  ‘Callejon’
Wayne Kramer’s Death Tongue  ‘Spike Heels’
First Base  ‘Not That Bad’
Charles Manson  ‘Look At Your Game, Girl’


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Next week’s episode of Roadkill Radio will be our first birthday! That’s right, we have skin rash and still shit our nappies, but only because we’re lazy and walk like drunkards after an evening hanging with Chuck Bukowski. So, you are cordially invited to come and celebrate our first birthday on next week’s show. Join us, won’t you?

Thanks for listening to Roadkill Radio!

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Benny Two-Shoes

Filling the void between grouchy dinosaurism and current day hipster snobbery, Benny Two-Shoes is the type of guy who kidnaps control of the stereo at sweet sixteen parties and does not relinquish until every last teenybopper leaves a fully-fledged Stooges fan.   

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