Roadkill Radio #33: Baby’s First A-Z Drugs Guide


It’s a messed up, jacked up, drugged up, episode of Roadkill Radio this week as Benny Two-Shoes brings us the A-Z of drugs in music. But the two-hour mayhem isn’t without educational value as this show could be used in high schools worldwide as a rudimentary guide to getting your stone on. Amid the disjoint of punk, country, alt. rock, ska, psych, space rock and blues, is a rabble of scary hoodlums occupying the Roadkill Radio plaza, a lesson in the latest street fashion and a darn good rollick through the mind of the madman behind the mic.



This week’s playlist:

Mudhoney  ‘Acetone’
Butthole Surfers ‘Bong Song’
Johnny Cash  ‘Cocaine Blues’
Lard  ‘Drug Raid at 4am’
The Streets  ‘Blinded By Lights’
Izzy & Chris  ‘Fentanyl Blues’
Ramones  ‘Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue’
Forgotten Rebels  ‘Surfin’ on Heroin’
The Beatles  ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’
Sublime  ‘Smoke Two Joints’
Dandy Warhols  ‘Horse Pills’
Of Montreal  ‘Lysergic Bliss’
Reverend Horton Heat  ‘Marijuana’
Elliott Smith  ‘Needle in the Hay’
Spacemen 3  ‘O.D. Catastrophe’
Sick Things  ‘I Like Pills’
Shel Silverstein  ‘Quaaludes Again’
Mark Lanegan  ‘Methamphetamine Blues’
Canned Heat  ‘Amphetamine Annie’
Morphine  ‘Let’s Take a Trip Together’
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3  ‘Amphetamine’
Queens of the Stone Age  ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’
Tumbleweed  ‘Stoned’
Steve Earle  ‘Oxycontin Blues’
David Peel & the Lower East Side  ‘Marijuana’
Monster Magnet  ‘Black Balloon’



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Roadkill Radio would like to be the first to mention that drugs, are indeed, bad. Neither Benny Two-Shoes or staff at Tom Violence Media condone drug use of any sort and furthermore… ah, fuck it. Yes we do!

Toke away and thank you for listening to Roadkill Radio!

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Benny Two-Shoes

Filling the void between grouchy dinosaurism and current day hipster snobbery, Benny Two-Shoes is the type of guy who kidnaps control of the stereo at sweet sixteen parties and does not relinquish until every last teenybopper leaves a fully-fledged Stooges fan.   

You can listen to the latest episodes, hosted by Benny Two-Shoes, on Roadkill Radio!

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  • Where is “Chinese Rocks?” Not to mention “Born To(o) Lo(o)se,” “One Track MInd” and “Too Much Junkie Business?” I want my Heartbreakers!!!

    • Heya Gene, he’s got a reggae/punk show coming up on the 19th and after that show he’s playing a bracket of Heartbreakers for ya!

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