REVIEW: Yellow Snow – “Santa Claus D.W.I.”

Writing for two separate publications means I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes it’s mainstream releases ready for Starbucks patrons and Billboard Charts, and other times it could be a digital-only release straight from the pockets of an artist who spent his life savings in a few hours of studio time. I love each side of the spectrum for different reasons and for the most part, I’m a firm believer in music being good on it’s own merits, and not based on it’s relative budget. With that said, I have realized the less mainstream something is, the more unique it ends up being.

Of course everyone is capable of creating music, recording it and selling it. Recording software is cheaper than it’s ever been and with the help of the internet, you can have someone listen to your song thousands of miles away in minutes. With so many artists out there making so much music it can be a little overwhelming to take it all in, and sometimes it feels like I’m listening to the same song over and over again.

Then I heard Santa Claus D.W.I. by Yellow Snow. At the time of writing this article, Christmas is still a little ways off, so listening to holiday themed music can be a double edge sword, but this song wasn’t really what I was expecting!

Staring with a minimalist synth riff and slightly distorted bass riff and digital drum pattern, sonically reminds me of early Suicide. When the vocals kick in, it takes on a completely different vibe. Vocally reminiscent of The B-52s, the lyrics tell a story of a white trash Santa Claus ruining the most wonderful time of the year by going on a drinking bender instead of handling his holiday responsibilities. As weird and low-brow as that sounds, it actually works in some strange way, and I found myself singing it to myself long after I heard it for the first time. I’m not entirely sure if I even like it but it’s just so weird and hilarious, I can’t help but to listen to it over and over. Even the instrumental B side is somewhat of an earworm without the over the top lyrics.

Santa Claus D.W.I. is being released on vinyl 7″ through the Chicago based label Greasy Records, which is run by Yellow Snow themselves. Making the release even more interesting is how indie the label is. It’s ran out of the act’s spare room, insisting it’s not exactly a label in a traditional sense, but a place where he can release various art projects through when they are finished or have the money to be released. How indie is that?

If you want to check out something really weird, funny, and genuinely unique, check out Yellow Snow’s Santa Claus D.W.I. and continue to keep an eye on Greasy Records. If this release is any indication, I think we’re gonna see some truly interesting stuff coming from them throughout the coming years.

For more information on Yellow Snow, please visit Greasy Records on Facebook

To purchase Santa Claus D.W.I. on limited edition vinyl, visit the Greasy Records Store



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