REVIEW: The Holy Motors – “The Holy Motors”

Over the years, Rock N Roll has been described as many things. Rebellion, expression, dance, revolution, the list goes on and on, but one thing is a constant: Rock N Roll is immortal. Whether it’s banging away at three slightly out of tune chords, or singing along with thirty thousand audience members at a sold out show,  rock n roll is more than a style of music or a phase that one out grows. It’s freedom, it’s danger, it’s seduction and somewhere between a night club and a knife fight, there’s The Holy Motors.

The Holy Motors are three guys from Chicago, who deliver sleezy, attitude driven rock n roll, unsaturated by the trends of mainstream radio and equal parts dangerous and temptation. No gimmicks and no pretentious mission statement other than getting you out of your seat, and having a good time. Fists in the air, feet stomping, and moving along with the four on the floor grooves as if the sound is a living breathing entity, bigger than the general idea that music is meant to be listened to and not felt.


Making their vinyl debut, the four songs on this EP move quick and ferocious like a back alley street fight, all ranging in seemingly different styles. Silver Forty Five calls back to the early era surf rock combined with the swagger of Link Wray, Slant Six showcases the band’s early 80s-esque thrash punk while maintaining the rock n roll vibe. Lowercase j has the ugly seduction of The Stooges but with a chorus hook that demands to be sang at peak volume, and No Fuss sounds like a Frankenstein mash-up of The Misfits with a young, starving Scott Weiland on vocals. With such diversity in only a short amount of time, it’s no question that The Holy Motors own their craft.

The entire EP sounds raw and gritty as if it’s was recorded in an underground nightclub, housed by the city’s most interesting degenerates, where the listener can end up bleeding out in a dumpster or welcomed with opened arms. The thin line between dancing and fighting is what makes these songs come alive. There is just something about them that, in a lot of ways, defines what we love about rock n roll in the first place. That indescribable feeling that many have tried to label for so many years.

This self-titled, vinyl debut is available as a joint venture from Greenway Records and Jett Plastic Recordings both offering exclusive color varients in a limited run  that will certainly become a collector’s item within the next coming years. Regardless of which label you decide to buy from or what color variant you pick up, one thing is as certain as Rock N Roll is immortal, both labels have presented the world with one of the snottiest, grittiest, dangerous, and seductive EPs of the year and completely own it. Rock N Roll isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and neither are The Holy Motors.


To purchase The Holy Motors on vinyl, in exclusive color variants, visit:

Greenway Records


Jett Plastic Recordings

To download The Holy Motors please visit their official Bandcamp Page

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