REVIEW: New Self-Titled Post Punk Album by Sea Wren

Sea WrenWhat do you get when you cross the Beach Boys and punk? You get Sea Wren, a band out of Tucson, Arizona, who is set to release their self-titled album via Lolipop records in just a few days. The album will have nine songs clocking in at under 25 minutes. Fast and to the point in your face post-punk harmonies and with edgy, full of punchy, energetic lyrics and melodies. This album makes me excited and it’s a perfect way to bring in that summer feeling. All songs were written by Cherish Rendon and recorded late last year. Rendon who has been playing for years in Tucson, recently switched to guitar from playing bass and these songs just started pouring out of her.

The first track, “Lena” is a fast-paced, energetic ditty with a catchy hook. Setting the tone of the album to those beach-ey punk sounds. While the second song, “October’s Teeth”, kind of gives me that kaleidoscope feeling, a retro take on the harmonies of Sea Wren. The 60’s inspired sounds are evident in “Birds of Slumber”, Cherish is able to hypnotize me with the depth of instruments and easy-going upbeat melody. “Sarah’s Cross” taking residence in the middle of the album, is perfectly placed and putting that edge back into the album. The last track, “The Latest Cage” is a bittersweet goodbye to the album. Some slower riffs and a melancholic summer vibe.

Sea Wren by Sea Wren

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