REVIEW: Rachel Haden – “Devil’s In Me”

Being one of the triplet daughters of Jazz bassist, Charlie Haden, it’s not hard to understand how music is very much an important part of Rachel Haden’s heritage. It’s in her DNA. She has worked with an impressive list of artists such as Todd Rundgren, Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Ozma, Joey Santiago of The Pixies, performed on the infamous unreleased Weezer album Songs From The Black Hole, played bass in the 90s band That Dog, recorded with her sisters as The Haden Tripletsas well as one of the founding and current members of The Rentals. She has continually worked as a musician for most of her life and is now ready to put something out as herself. Devil’s In Me.

Despite being known for quirky harmonies and all-around upbeat feel on just about every project she has been part rachelclearof, Rachel’s solo debut, is somber and borderline chilling. Starting out with a melancholy guitar riff, the title track slowly builds upon itself with layers of a droning back beat, lush harmonies, and a sort of tension that is nothing like she has ever recorded before. Even with this new darker direction, Rachel still manages to include a chorus hook that begs to be sang along with it, complete with da da daa daaaa vocal spices and melodic guitar interlude that is both beautiful and emotional at the same time. The B-side is Shame, which features the similar dark vibe but with a bit more coolness and swagger, also something that is usually missing during Rachel’s musical outings of the past 20 plus years.

rachel5Devil’s In Me is available only through Greenway Records on a very limited run. The red and black splatter on clear vinyl variant, with a hand printed alternative cover, is limited to only 100 copies, and the transparent red variant is limited to only 200. So when these EPs are sold out they are gone. Not only is this EP destined to become a sought after release for collectors, but it is also beautiful to listen to. The mastering is so spot on that even with a mid level vinyl set-up, Devil’s In Me sounds thick and full, giving the effect of having Rachel and her band sitting in your room performing live personally.. Vocals soar and the low-end helps deliver the urgency both songs deserve.

During her long, fruitful career, Rachel Haden may have worked with some influential people in the industry, but with the release of her solo debut, it’s obvious that she is just impressive with more than enough artistry and authenticity to stand completely on her own. If this EP is any indication of what she has in store for us in the future, we are in for a very interesting listening experience to say the least.


Devil’s In Me is available in very limited quantities at Greenway Records

For bio, touring, news, and general info, visit Rachel Haden’s Official Website

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