Moonwalks – “A Little Touch Of Gravity” – REVIEW

A Little Touch Of Gravity
"A Little Touch of Gravity" by Moonwalks

There’s no denying that the most interesting music in the indie rock scene is coming from the psychedelic movement. Over the past few years, I’ve covered that particular sub-genre more than any other. The core dynamics of droning distorted guitar, reverb soaked vocals, and fuzzy bass are relatively the same, but each band has brought something new to the table within each release. Detroit’s Moonwalks honor that tradition with their latest 7″ A Little Touch Of Gravity.

Side A’s title track lays down a droning groove and expands upon it with layers of guitar noise much like Goo-era Sonic Youth, but with a far more sinister vocal melody that’s more in line with The Black Angels. Not satisfied with the standard conventions of son structure, the track breaks apart abruptly giving way to an interlude of psychedelic feedback and phaser effects before it drifts away into space. It’s strange and disoriented in the most beautiful way possible.

Side B’s “Steam Train” trades in the some of the ominous psychedelica for melody, giving the band a bit more room to showcase some of their pop sensibilities. There’s plenty of their signature droning but on this round it’s more about the shoegaze vibe combined with the unpredictability of punk. I can’t tell if I’m more drawn in by the gothic surf guitar riff or the hypnotic groove that takes complete control before it ends.

Dan Curran

“A Little Touch Of Gravity” special cover by Dan Curran

A Little Touch Of Gravity  is available on 7″ vinyl through Greenway Records exclusively. 200 of the fuchsia variants have been pressed as well as a multi-colored ‘Funfetti’ variants that’s as psychedelic as on the songs pressed upon them. That particular variant has been issued with an exclusive hand-printed sleeve with artwork by Dan Curran and limited to only 100 copies. Like most of the label’s special variants, it will surely become a collector’s item.

If you like your psychedelics to have more of a pop edge and your shoegaze to be a bit more on the mysterious side, Moonwalks have cooked up the perfect two songs to get you started. If limited quantity vinyl is your thing, once again Greenway Records has got you covered. Whether you’re an underground ghoul or a vinyl hungry audiophile, A Little Touch Of Gravity is the first must-have 7″ of 2017.


To purchase A Little Touch Of Gravity, please visit Greenway Records

For more information on Moonwalks, check out their Facebook page

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