REVIEW: Mark Ten – “Robot Girl”

One of the most impressive aspects of indie music is how now matter how much I listen to, I’m always stumbling across something new. Most of the stuff I find happens to be from young artists try to get their name out there in anyway they can. They can save money and record in a studio or their bedroom, drop the file in an email or pass a cd out to friends or anyone willing to listen, and hope for the best. However, not all releases are from fresh faces or young hungry artists. Every now and then I’ve come across something interesting but it happens to be from an artist who’s fooled around a local scene for quite sometime. This is the case with Robot Girl from Mark Ten.

Mark Ten is an Owensboro, Kentucky native who just so happens to have been a part of many music scenes over the past 30 plus years. He has developed an outrageous on stage persona and played music that pulls influences from everyone from The Ramones to Danny Blitz, bringing various styles into one electrifying live show. Sadly the said live show has been one of punk rock’s best kept secrets. Outside of the locals scenes, Mark hasn’t had the advantage of a nationwide release to bring in fans from outside his general region.

Until now. The brand new, vinyl-only label Tinker Tone teamed up with Mark to work on what would be the label’s debut release, as well as the very first time Mark has released music as Mark Ten. Instead of recording brand new music, Mark and Tinker Tone unearthed two tracks from Mark’s personal vault and threw them on an extremely limited pressed 7″.

Side A’s “Robot Girl” is a strange accordion-lead journey into a Pleasure Island-esque fever dream, telling the story of a twisted love story between man and just-might-be machine set in the bizarre world of Amsterdam’s red light district.



Side B’s “Don’t Mess Me Around” drops the surreal off kilter notion set up on the previous side for a straight up, mosh pit punk anthem! Hyperactive power chords, pinched harmonic squeels, and reckless beats, the song sounds like what would happen if Daniel Johnston and Eddie Van Halen teamed up with Fear for an encore in Texas’s seediest underground clubs.

Both tracks couldn’t be any further apart from each other if they tried, and in that lies the beauty of an indie label releasing unorthodox music. Mark Ten is a unique artists in every sense of the word and finally getting a vinyl release after 30 years of establishment, is as poetic as the songs on the release are different. If you are looking for something interesting, fun, unique and just plain weird, Tinker Tone Record and Mark Ten‘s debut release has every single thing you are looking for!


To pick up Robot Girl on limited edition vinyl, please visit Tinker Tone Records

For more information on Mark Ten, visit https://www.reverbnation.com/markten



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