Review: Mark McGowan releases new EP, Fugazi

mark mcgowan

mark mcgowanListening to this new EP from Mark McGowan, I am almost transplanted to be sitting right in front of him, as he pours out his soul into that microphone. His voice goes right to the core, the music played behind him gives his words a meaning and depth that you didn’t think was even possible with a voice like that. A voice steeped in heart and soul and embodies the essence you can almost touch. Fugazi was released in April and follows the debut single from last years “Bonnie and Clyde”, which has given McGowan a cult following with the indie scene of Glasgow and also a huge following here at 50thirdand3rd. It is easy to see why, his storytelling in each song makes his personal battles and vulnerable need a bittersweet melody. The title track “Fugazi”, tells the story of an absent father as the strings in “Lighthouse” gives a Cat Stevens vibe with a violin in the background that carries me with the sounds.

Follow McGowan on Facebook and Twitter and check him out through In Black Records and download this EP asap… You’re Welcome.

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