REVIEW: The Lees Of Memory – “All-Powerful You”

With only a few years under their belts, The Lees Of Memory have proven themselves to be far more than just an off-shoot supergroup (John Davs, Brandon Fisher of Superdrag, Nick Slack of Epic Ditch, produced by one of the most respected producers in modern rock Nick Raskulinecz) Their 2014 debut LP Sisyphus Says was instantly my favorite record of the decade and both of their 2015 vinyl-only singles Soft Places and Ain’t No Changing Baby’s Mind found their way on my Top 10 EPs of 2015 list.  Needless to say, I’ve been pretty excited for their next LP to drop. It’s due later this year on physical formats and available to download NOW by pre-ordering HERE

Before unleashing that follow up, The Lees Of Memory have teamed up with the always reputable Velocity Of Sound label, who put out their previous EPs, to bring you yet another exclusive single in All-Powerful You.

The title track begins with a Revolver-era, Indian influenced sitar/tampura opening that signals this release differs from the previous EP release as much as it differed from Sisyphus Says. This new direction offers beauty in it’s spiritual themed lyrics while still laying down a heavy beat and wall of guitars to remind the listener they are still listening to a rock record. Along with the stuttering tremelo and reverb laced vocals and driving beat, the song features the aforementioned Indian instrumentation throughout as well as a larger than life backing track of synth strings and backwards loops. It just might be the most ambitious track the band has recorded since “The Art Of Dying”, the closing track from Headtrip In Every Key, the second album from Davis and Fisher’s previous band Superdrag.

Side B is  more ambitious and maybe even a little complicated. The experimental ouY lufrewoP-llA is the same track as Side A only played in reverse! However, it doesn’t mean it’s an obvious gimmick just yet. While the vocals and drums may be in reverse, the backwards loops on the previous song are now played forward, making it a completely different song. In the reverse order the chords and instrumentation take on a life of their own and deliver a darker, more ominous vibe that wasn’t there before. It’s a strange track that just might be the most interesting song I’ve heard all year.

AllPowerful5That’s not the only plot twist the band has up their sleeves! Not being satisfied with just your run of the mill vinyl release, Velocity Of Sound has played upon the reverse elements of the songs with the record itself! ouY lufrewoP-llA plays in reverse on your turntable from the label out!  With only 400 being pressed, this element will make it one of the most collectible releases of the year.

All-Powerful You is more than enough to keep fans busy until the release of their 2nd LP later this summer. It’s beautiful and dark, mysterious and comforting, predictably unpredictable just like every release from this band so far, and undoubtedly in the future. The EP goes on sale Monday, May 23rd at 10am ONLY at Velocity of Sound and once they are gone, they are GONE! Do NOT miss out on this one of a kind release!


For more information on The Lees Of Memory visit them on Facebook and Twitter

To purchase All-Powerful You on limited edition vinyl, visit Velocity of Sound

To pre-order the upcoming LP Unnecessary Evil (download it NOW as well as many other bonuses) visit PledgeMusic

To purchase Sisyphus Says on vinyl and cassette, please visit SideOneDummy Records



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