REVIEW: L.A. Witch “Brian” 7″

The lonesome jangle of an E chord riff opens the A-side of the new 7″ from L.A. Witch. It’s delicate and clean except for the light hum of a slightly overdriven amp. “Brian” is in no hurry to get you on your feet to dance though, instead it builds tension with reverb and an almost hypnotic floor tom beat. By the time the song kicks into gear, the riff evolves into the focal point by acting as an anchor to a sinister bass groove, and minimal haunting vocals. It’s mysterious and smokey yet remains catchy in a bizarre David Lynch kind of way.


The untitled B-side takes the trip a few beats faster, showcasing a bit more of L.A. Witch’s retro flair. Sounding like a sensual combination of Jim Morrison, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and store-brand smokes, this song is all about the dark underbelly of retro styled rock n roll. If the A-Side was the soundtrack to a knife fight, the B-Side is the get-away car that drives you to the desert before the cops arrive!

lawitch2If you’ve been following Greenway Records’ releases over the past year, you already know the quality of their records, and how each one gets the special variant treatment. There’s the transparent ‘Desert’ variant limited to 200 copies as well as the terrifyingly gorgeous ‘Bloodshot Eye’ Splatter variant that features an exclusive, hand-printed/spray painted cover by Dan Curran, limited to only 100 copies. Both variants and covers capture the beauty and danger that is L.A. Witch and just like the previous releases from Greenway, once they sell out, they will likely become sought after collector’s items! Pick one of them up while you can!



For more information on L.A. Witch, including tour info, check out their Official Website

To order Brian/Untitled 7″ (no digital, both tracks exclusive to vinyl) head over to Greenway Records

band photo by Moni Haworth

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