REVIEW: The Blind Shake – “Celebrate Your Worth”

What kind of record does a band set out to make after recording 5 albums within a year’s time? For the Twin City’s finest, The Blind Shake, that answer is predictably unpredictable: “A better one”.

There’s no shortage of fuzzy garage rock here in the United States. On just about every corner there’s an over-distorted guitar playing against a crude 4/4 beat. However, as common as garage rock might be, it doesn’t mean a band is incapable of releasing an interesting album.

Celebrate Your Worth (on the always reputable Goner Records) is yet another adventure in the twisted world through the eyes of The Blind Shake. Despite touring non-stop and continuously recording, the band is not one bit fatigued!

In fact, Celebrate Your Worth just might be their most ambitious release to date. Normally a whirlwind of distorted debauchery, on this go around, the trio stretch out on their sonic soundscape. Of course there’s all sorts of punk rock attitude and rock n roll the band is famous for, but it’s now elevated with experimentation. “Alicante” tips it’s filthy toes in psyche-rock territory with an ominous guitar riff, tribal drum pattern and even an organ. The result sounds like The Black Angels in a tug-of-war with Spray Paint.

It’s not all droning psychedelics though, “Corpse On A Roof” hints at a New Wave vibe like The B-52’s evil twin, while the lead single “I Shot All The Birds” is in their classic discord wheelhouse. I blows my mind how these guys continue to evolve their style and record album after album in such a short period of time. Since forming in 2003, The Blind Shake have recorded more music than what some bands take 20 years to release. By the time you finish reading this article, they’ve probably prepped yet another record!

If you’re a die-hard fan of The Blind Shake there’s no excuse as to why you haven’t checked Celebrate Your Worth. If you’ve never given this band a chance in the past, this is a fantastic place to start. Celebrate Your Worth also features one of their most mainstream sounding tracks in “Reasonable World”. It just might be my personal favorite song on the record.

Garage rock is here to stay and Celebrate Your Worth just might make The Blind Shake ambassadors of counter-culture.


To purchase Celebrate Your Worth, please visit Goner Records

For more information on The Blind Shake, please visit their  Official Website



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