REVIEW: Big Eyes – “Local Celebrity”

Big Eyes have been making quite the name for themselves since their formation in 2009.  The 2011 debut Hard Life and it’s follow-up Almost Famous created a landscape of influence from The Muffs to The Ramones, and gave founder/singer/guitarist Kate Eldridge firm footing in the indie rock scene while still managing to stay under the radar enough to grow as an artist without being cut-down by the unforgiving blade of preconception.

With their latest single Local Celebrity, Eldrige steers clear of rewriting her own history and focuses more on fine tuning what makes Big Eyes function as a rock n’ outfit. The title track features all of the power-pop sensibility of their previous work, but still just enough discord dirge to keep things interesting. It’s equal parts Black Flag and Joan Jett in all the right places. Attitude may be very important to punk rock, but there is a problem when it out-weighs the nature of the project it’s carrying. However, with this song, balance is brought to table by the way of the catchy pop-punk hook. It’s tongue-in-cheek music video featuring Eldrige being chased by zombies in 1960s B movie fashion, proves that despite an extra helping of snotty wit, she is still having fun.

Speaking of having fun, the EP’s flip side is the Replacements meets Ramones influenced When You Were 25. The snarky attitude of the A side is replaced with the fury of a pogo inducing ear-worm that begs to be played at peak volume while singing along at the top of the listener’s lungs like any good DIY garage rock anthem should.

Local Celebrity is  currently available on vinyl from the always reputable Green Way Records in two special color variants. With the very limited pressing, it’s sure to become a collector’s item sooner than later, especially when Big Eyes inevitably break into the mainstream.

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To purchase Local Celebrity on limited edition vinyl, visit Green Way Records


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