REVIEW: Biffers “Frankie Road”

Not all punk has to be politically charged, anti-establishment, fist throwing anthems to be good. Take The Ramones for an example, for the most part, their simplified art form took influence from pre-British invasion rock n roll from the early 60s and combined it with their own attitude and style to create something that just as fresh, and exciting as it was simple and nostalgic. The same can be said for “Frankie Road” the latest EP from Tuscany’s very own Biffers.

With punk rock deep rooted into American pop culture, it’s interesting to hear American punk influencing another country’s take on it. Listening to Dear Rocker, you will hear much more mid 80s New York scene of The Ramones than late 70s Clash. A time when it was more about having fun with the guys instead of setting a courthouse on fire in rebellion. It’s something that has been missing with punk for quite sometime to be honest. Don’t get me wrong,  I love hearing the battle cries of anti-establishment but sometimes it’s good to take a deep a breath and understand why punk rock is so important to the indie music scene to begin with. It makes you feel good.

Simplicity and fun are the two words I would use to describe this EP. Nothing out of left field, no pretentious art house antics, no strong political message, just guitar, bass, drum, and vocals and overall sense of energy. It’s next to impossible to listen to Werewolf without tapping for your foot or bobbing your head like any good, up tempo punk record.  The hilarious music video also shows that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriousy, yet another win in my book. Clocking in under 15 minutes, “Frankie Road” is a quick listen that will have you wishing it were an LP instead of EP, but even with repeated listens, it never gets grating and remains just as fun as the first listen.

The EP is available for download from Joe Escalante’s (of The Vandals) label Kung Fu Records and it’s available on 7″ vinyl from Greenway Records (which I highly recommend, not only for it’s beautiful variation of colors that will look killer in any audiophile’s collection, but also because indie punk ALWAYS sounds better on vinyl. After all, that’s the way it’s meant to be heard!)

If you are looking for something fast, colorful, and fun, check out Biffers. The throwback to the classic late 80s early 90s punk is a breath of fresh air among the current line up of brooding angst ridden punks of the scene. These guys are fairly new on the scene and have only released one full length, but the new “Frankie Road” EP is a fantastic place to start!



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