REVIEW: “Ain’t No Changing Baby’s Mind” by The Lees Of Memory

After releasing one of the greatest albums of 2014 (and arguably the decade) with Sisyphus Says then a Record Store Day ’15 exclusive with Soft Places + Within A Dream II, The Lees Of Memory have kicked their career off to an explosive start. As they continue to work on their follow up LP, reportedly being called Unnecessary Evil, they have found the time to release a new EP featuring two exclusive songs not being used for the upcoming LP. Ain’t No Changing Baby’s Mind + Let’s Turn Our Love Up Loud.

With their LP Sisyphus Says, The Lees Of Memory explored the underbelly of their own influences of shoegaze, noise rock, and organic ambient music from the likes of My Bloody Valentines and The Jesus and Mary Chain and even though it featured a few tracks that wouldn’t have been too far out of place from founder’s John Davis and Brandon Fisher’s previous band Superdrag, for the most part, the sounds were fresh, alien, and beautiful. With the RSD release, the song Soft Places flirted with the alternative rock style and Within A Dream II stuck with digital experimentation, playing up the yin and yang aspect of what the band is all about but still revealing that these guys are more than just a one trick pony.

Side A’s Ain’t No Changing Baby’s Mind rips into a Beatles’ Revolver era rocker complete with jangley britpop guitars and a mod shuffle that sounds as if it came right out of 1966 at the same time sounding far more interesting than anything on mainstream alternative rock radio. Side B is the dedicated to the romantic groove chill of Let’s Turn Our Love Up Loud. While John Davis is famous for crafting both Beatles and Big Star-esque melodies, he has never put together something this spectacular when combining those two influences. The medium tempo love song grooves along with some of the strongest vocals he has achieved since his 2005 solo record.

John Davis has always worn his influences on his sleeve but that has never overtaken center stage with any musical project he has been linked to, but instead of being pretentious and laying that on thick, he uses the influences to make music that is both comforting as listening to your favorite record, and face melting as the first time you participated in a rock show. This uncanny ability proves that Davis, along with Brandon Fisher (the most underrated guitarist in music history) are no longer influenced by The Beatles, Big Star, and My Bloody Valentine, they are now equals.

Ain’t No Changing Baby’s Mind + Let’s Turn Our Love Up Loud was available on vinyl exclusively through Velocity Of Sound Records in both standard black and exclusive transparent pink (that sold out in one day) along with an exclusive Rainbow In The Dark color variant through SideOneDummy Records (which also sold out in one day) and believe me when I tell you, just as their LP and RSD EP, these songs are best played on vinyl. The warmth and realism of these songs on vinyl, are reference quality to anyone who doubts that particular format is the best way to listen to music. Head over to Velocity of Sound and pick up this EP before they are completely sold out. Word on the street that it’s the only pressing we will see of this EP so once they are gone, they are gone!

With only a few years under their belts as The Lees Of Memory, John, Brandon, and Nick have more than proved that they are one of the most unique, consistent bands in the business and if these two songs were any indication, their next LP, will be just as special as the first, and EPs that followed. Exciting times for fans of music indeed.


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