Reverend Beat-Man with The Cheating Hearts in Hamburg

The Cheating Hearts  in Hafenklang, Hamburg

The Cheating Hearts in Hafenklang, Hamburg

Hello you all! After summer, sunshine and lollipops, here I am to tell you about the Reverend Beat-Man + The Cheating Hearts gig took place in Hafenklang last month.

The opening act was the Cheating Hearts, garage punk duo, based in Hamburg. Been aware of their existence for some time but never got the chance to see them. There it was, they were on stage dressed up as groom and bride! Well, it was a hot day and the venue was packed, not sure how they survived with the heavy clothing! But anyways, it was their style after all and they punked the evening out of us! Drums were tough, guitar was harsh and they put up an amazing show. Ta da, it ended too soon. We could have had more of them, like. But next was Beat Man, so hooray!

Reverend Beat-Man in Hafenklang, Hamburg

Reverend Beat-Man in Hafenklang, Hamburg

You by now know Beat Man, the Voodoo Rhythm monster, right? If not, here are couple of other readings, gig from last year, and a short bio of his band, the Monsters. During the evening in between here and there, I got the chance to chat a bit with him! Then he was up on stage, screaming and preaching. We lost our world and went on to join his… world of trash blues! He did his thing again and gave us an excellent night. We were all blessed by the end.

Another gig post signed, sealed and posted exclusively for you. This time I uploaded videos as well. Enjoy!

The Cheating Hearts: website, facebook
Reverend Beat-Man: website, facebook

losing ground ~The Cheating Hearts

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another day another life ~Reverend Beat-Man

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*Thanks to blacflag for recording the footage while I was dancing the night away!*

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