Republican Hair: “Miss Prince/Constellation” EP REVIEW

First of all, calling 2016 a terrible year would be an understatement. Social injustice, political nightmares, and a general cloud of uncertainty plagued the entire year. Not helping matters was the loss of two of the music world’s most iconic figures, David Bowie and Prince. Despite such a horrible loss, 2016 featured some of the decade’s best music. So for some, it was the perfect year to begin utilizing music as a coping mechanism throughout the hardships. Combining the loss of those icons, and the joys of music is the new EP from Republican Hair, Miss Prince/Constellation.

Republican Hair goes a step beyond traditional covers by paying homage in spirit.

Republican Hair


With such influence on the industry, artists across every genre paid tribute to Bowie and Prince throughout the year. However, instead of the traditional cover, Republican Hair went above and beyond and crafted two original songs in the style and structure of both artists.

Side A’s “Miss Prince” features the syncopated rhythm and sultry grooves Prince personified in everything he touched. Side B’s “Constellation” is spacey and monotonous, yet heartfelt and emotional just like Bowie’s most profound work. Mastering the precise craft of such prolific artists without coming off cheesy and disrespectful, is a testimony in of itself!

Bowie’s confident weirdness and Prince’s sexy mysticism is what Republican Hair is all about anyway.

Republican Hair

Miss Prince

Republican Hair’s previous 7″ High and Tight, was one of my favorite singles of last year and most of that had to do with the mystery behind the band. Without a face or public persona, Republican Hair plays upon the mystery element Prince made famous. But, the infectious beats and sugar-coated hooks of their music, reminds me of Bowie’s 80s output. Despite relying on a particular style, both tracks on Miss Prince/Constellation are completely original so they never feel like cash-in pandering.

This is not a nostalgia trip cashing in on the deaths of beloved figures in music, but an honest to goodness tribute to what made them immortal legends. As a result, Miss Prince/Constellation is a not only a fitting tribute but also stands on its own completely.

Only an act such as Republican Hair is capable of pulling off such a release.

Miss Prince/Constellation is being released through the vinyl-only indie label Soul Step Records. Like the previous Republican Hair release, it’s a very limited run and will surely be a collector’s item in no time!

To purchase Miss Prince/Constellation, please visit Soul Step Records

For more info on Republican Hair, please visit





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