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After 2017, the last thing you probably wanted to read was the word Republican. Don’t worry, this isn’t a political post! 50Thirdand3rd isn’t about that kind of noise but you knew that already because you clicked on this link. This site is about music we blast no matter what goes on in our lives. It’s about how fun music can be. I can’t think of any other album to utilize that kind of fun but High & Tight / The Prince & The Duke by Republican Hair.

High & Tight / The Prince & The Duke is a larger than life love letter to a simpler time.

On the The Prince & The Duke side of this LP, Republican Hair pays tribute to some of music’s most important solo artists, Prince and David Bowie. Instead of going about the traditonal way of paying tribute with covers, Republican Hair goes the extra mile with originals. Songs written and performed in the style of Bowie and Prince! From the spacey Ziggy Stardust insipired “Constellation” to the sexy groove of “Miss Prince”. Republican Hair embodies everything we loved about those icons. It’s not an easy task to set out to sound like an artist without sounding pretentious, but Republican Hair somehow makes it work.

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On the other side is High & Tight, a collection of original songs paying tribute to the glossy power pop of the 1980s. Crisp beats, tight rythyms, clean guitar, and more hooks than the Gorton’s Fisherman, High & Tight is a whirl-wind of retro fun! Despite such an emphasis on the new wave 80s, none of the songs on this record feel dated. The influences are celebrated within each second, but the entire project sounds as fresh and relevant as anything on mainstream pop radio.

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Using the sounds of a by-gone era, seems to be Republican Hair’s secret weapon.

By writing songs for contemporary artists like Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, the man behind Republican Hair is no stranger to mainstream success. Luke Dick started Republican Hair as a faux-mystery project where no one knew who he was. It was the kind of marketing that made his first EP a whole lot cooler. But now Republican Hair has slowly been catching on, there’s no need to hide behind marketing gimmicks. The music just sells itself without it. It’s that good.

High & Tide / The Prince & The Duke was released on vinyl exclusively by Soul Step Records (who also handled the vinyl released of Republican Hair’s first 2 EPs. ) and just like their previous LP releases, this record looks as good as it sounds! Supplies are limited so if you plan on checking this record out on this format, the time is now! If you miss the legendary Bowie and/or Prince, The Prince & The Duke will fill the void. And if you love everything of the 80s, High & Tight will be your favorite side. No matter which you prefer, Republican Hair has you covered.

To purchase High & Tight / The Prince & The Duke visit Soul Step Records

For more information on Republican Hair visit

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