Rediscover: Seth Timbs and Fluid Ounces (Part 2)

Here we look at music that was made from 2004 til the present (2015). If you’d like to read about Seth Timbs early years and then visit Part 1 of this article.

Fluid Ounces

The Whole Shebang (2004)

When Fluid Ounces came back in May of 2004, refreshed and The Whole Shebang contains some really great music and is perhaps the bands musical high-water mark. “Crazies” with its quirky piano and electric guitar melody is a gem. “Fool Around” is rough blues percussive pop, while “Lazy Bones” is a toe tapping acoustic guitar tune. The power chords are all over “Hung On Every Word.” The album is balanced by not having the piano or one style dominate. Seth’s old friend Matt Mahaffey (Self) was back in his corner as producer and mixer on the last track here “Destined To Be Forgotten.” Its truly a magical album finale.
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Instant Nostalgia Fluid Ounces

Instant Nostalgia (2005)

Opting for a simpler production, here the piano is back in front. Starting with the slow keys on “Millionaire” and the showtune styling returns on “There Ought To Be A Law” Seth asserts himself a bit more on the albums first half. A little boogie “It All Looks Good To Me” is a keeper and Brian Rogers guitar is the good melodic competitor to Seth’s vocals on “How To Be Happy” and “Invincible Boy.” Overall, this was a more democratic process and after this the band called it quits — but Seth wasn’t exactly ready to retire.
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Seth Timbs

One Man Argument (2011)

Seth’s first solo album has some great personal songs done with minimal production using both guitar and piano. Timbs sense of melody is in peak form as he croons “Loved To Pieces” or plays the fast tempo stomper “Trophy Wife.” Many of the songs are ruminations played out, like “It’s Not How Good You Are” and “Whatever Will Be.”
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Seth Timbs

Half Now (2013)

Seth is back in fine form with the rocking “Shatter” and “Always Been The Same.” One of the best orchestrated songs here is “Hold On” and “Everyman’s A King” keeps things moving, a little like Joe Jackson. Then the self lecture about growing up, “Serious” is a brilliant ballad in the Nilsson mold. Short, but without a doubt the best set of music from Timbs in years. If only it wasn’t half an album! Highly Recommended.
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Seth Timbs

New Personal Record (2015)

Read the full review of this brand new Seth Timbs album on PowerPopaholic.com Below is a series of songs from the new album Seth performed for The Attic Lounge at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN.
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