Red Moon Radio – EPISODE ONE – Robby Fischer

Check back on previous episodes of Red Moon Radio, starting with our very first episode, which was posted to coincide with the blood red supermoon at the end of September! In honour of that celestial blessing, Red Moon Radio featured a rising musical star, Grand Rapids, Michigan’s talented ROBBY FISCHER, talking about his new album DOGTOWN.

Robby Fischer – Way Cooler – Dogtown
Interview with Robby Fischer
Robby Fischer – Can’t I Live Alone – You’ve Changed
Robby Fischer – Wine About – You’ve Changed
Robby Fischer – I’m So Cool – You’ve Changed
Robby Fischer – Dogtown – Dogtown
Robby Fischer – My Friends – Dogtown
Robby Fischer – Trouble – Dogtown

Robby created some phenomenal videos for songs from DOGTOWN. Check them out here:

Robby Fischer – Dogtown – Way Cooler

Robby Fischer – Dogtown – My Friends

Robby Fischer – Dogtown – Trouble (Taylor Swift)

Check out DOGTOWN and Robby’s previous albums on Bandcamp at, follow him on Twitter at, and become Robby’s friend on Facebook at! For all you tape collectors, order a copy of DOGTOWN, complete with handcrafted artwork by Robby himself, on turquoise cassette via his Bandcamp page!

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