Red Moon Radio – EPISODE 7 – sonnyskyes

Long Beach, California’s SONNYSKYES is this week’s guest on Red Moon Radio! The musical mastermind behind the project, Mike Smith, discusses his take on meteorology, describes the characters in his one-man band, introduces us to his cloud friends, and shares some of his lo-fi favourites with us!

SONNYSKYES – I Kinda Like Living in the Sky – The Sun is Hanging Out Tonight
Interview with Mike Smith of SONNYSKYES
Sebadoh – Sebadoh III – Supernatural Force
OliviaTremor Control – Music From the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle – The Opera House
SONNYSKYES – Unreleased track from forthcoming album – So Real
SONNYSKYES – The Imaginary Friend Ship – Flying over the Ocean (Best Coast)
SONNYSKYES – The Imaginary Friend Ship – Dance the Night Away (Colleen Green)
Deer Hunter – Cryptograms –Strange Lights
White Fence – Who Feels Right? – Who Feels Right?
SONNYSKYES – I Kinda Like Living in the Sky – Let’s Go to the Future
SONNYSKYES – I Kinda Like Living in the Sky – Dayglow
SONNYSKYES – The Imaginary Friend Ship – Cartoon Memory
SONNYSKYES – The Imaginary Friend Ship – Call on the Moonbeams

Follow SONNYSKYES on Bandcamp at sonnyskyes1.bandcamp.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Sonnyskyes and on twitter at @theesonnyskyes. Download SONNYSKYES’ albums FOR FREE from his Bandcamp site. The Invisible Friend Ship is available on cassette through Burger Records, with I Kinda Like Living in the Sky expected in early 2016. And be on the lookout for a new album later next year!

Check out some of SONNYSKYES videos for more sweet lo-fi sounds!

The Imaginary Friend Ship


Remember to Forget 


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