Red Moon Radio EPISODE 21 – The Orange Kyte

EPISODE TWENTY-ONE of the Red Moon Radio podcast features Ireland-born, Vancouver-based musician Stevie Moonbots, chatting about his year-long experimental psychedelic lo-fi singles project, THE ORANGE KYTE, the “the” in band names, a major issue that inspires him to make music, some of his favourite musicians and songs, as well as the cool things that he has in store over the next few months. You don’t want to miss it!

THE ORANGE KYTE – January 2016 Single – Morning Pages
THE ORANGE KYTE – September 2016 Single – Elasticity
Interview with Stevie Moonbots of THE ORANGE KYTE
The Subterranean Satellite Band – Brainwaves – As Sure As Hell
Psychic Ills – Dins – January Rain
Can – Tago Mago – Mushroom
Spacemen 3 – Recurring – Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)
Asteroid #4 – Hail to the Clear Figurines – Ignition Slated for Eight
THE ORANGE KYTE – February 2016 Single – Dope: 86
THE ORANGE KYTE – April 2016 Single – Microdose
THE ORANGE KYTE – July 2016 Single – The Lone Rooster

In addition to all of their monthly releases, THE ORANGE KYTE also recently appeared on a tribute album to British band, The Telescopes. Here’s their cover of Please Tell Mother from ‘Anticipating Nowhere – A Homage to the Telescopes’ (2016 – TBTCI Records)!

And here is the video for Elasticity, September’s single release.

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Check out THE ORANGE KYTE online at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on Instagram at All monthly single releases from THE ORANGE KYTE are available through the project’s Bandcamp page at Stay tuned for the latest single, available at the end of the month, and for information on the Greasy Singles cassette compilations and a vinyl release of the singles, as well as a planned studio album in the New Year!

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