Red Moon Radio Episode 14: Brat Farrar

In Episode Fourteen of Red Moon Radio, we speak with Sam Agostino of Melbourne, Australia’s Brat Farrar about the music scene in Australia, touring, charity shop novels, music collections, and of course, his music!

Brat Farrar – Being with You That Night 7” – Feel This Way
Interview with Sam Agostino of Brat Farrar
Digger & The Pussycats – Young, Tight and Alright – 10-Car Pile Up
Digger & The Pussycats – Let’s Go To Hospital – Spanish Jacket
GUEST DJ SET FROM Sam Agostino – Tiger by the Tail – Tiger by the Tail – Get Set To Go
GUEST DJ SET FROM Sam Agostino – The B52s – Wild Planet – Give Me Back My Man
GUEST DJ SET FROM Sam Agostino – The Gun Club – Fire of Love – Sex Beat
GUEST DJ SET FROM Sam Agostino – Chrome – Red Exposure – Eyes on Mars
Brat Farrar – Forthcoming 7” on Yeah Right! Records – Nearly Always on My Mind
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar – Punk Records
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar – So Overwhelming
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar II – Do You Really Wanna Know
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar II – Closing In
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar II – I’m Dead Now
Brat Farrar – Brat Farrar II – Wouldn’t Give You Up

Here’s the video for  Burn Everything Down, from the single of the same name released on Total BS Records:

The official video for It’s On Me from Brat Farrar’s debut 45:

And the video for I’m Dead Now, from Brat Farrar II:

For more music, check out Brat Farrar on Bandcamp at bratfarrar.bandcamp.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/bratfarrarmusic, on Twitter at twitter.com/bratfarrarmusic, and subscribe to Brat Farrar Music on Youtube!


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