The Red Cords – Record Store Day 2017 – PREMIERE!! + Nerve Centre Records INTERVIEW

Over the course of the last year or so you might have heard about Nerve Centre Records, the label from Falmouth, Cornwall that Charlie Murphy started with the help of Wax Music’s Ross Jones and Carlton from Easy Action Records. Nerve Centre released a handful of small run tapes, comics, blogs, basically a cottage industry of power pop / punk / rock n roll goodness from the likes of Murph & The Gazorpos, Planet Jazz, and The Red Cords, etc. Now they are doing an exciting new 7inch series with a lot of yr fave bands. We’re going to catch up with all things Nerve Centre on the cusp of their first foray into the realms of vinyl with the brand spanking new Red Cords 7incher, Gonna Find My Baby/ Bad Moon Brain, which is going to be a Record Store Day single. We’ve got that premiere right here for ya’ll, and a cool interview too. We talk about this single and the upcoming Hipshakes 7inch they’ve got lined up. I can state as a fact that this IS the best Red Cords stuff they’ve done yet, and any suggestion otherwise is FAKE NEWS, and we have our own alternative facts to counter that! I can also announce that the Girlsville imprint from Chicago and Nerve Centre Records are doing a split tape release for Cassette Day later this year that will be available on both sides of the pond, simultaneously. More details on that at a later date! So read this here interview and then check out the premiere of the new Red Cords A-side smash hit, Gonna Find My Baby, available in the shops on Record Store Day, April 22nd.

50thirdand3rd: Hey Charlie! So I wanted to talk to you about your plans with Nerve Centre Records this year. You kept putting out all these great small run tapes last year, and now you are planning to start a 7″ series. Can you tell me about that? Who’s kicking things off and when, and what can we expect to see and hear as things progress?

Charlie Murphy: Hey Courtney, yeah absolutely the first installment of the 7″ series will be for record store day the 22nd of April. Its going to be The Red Cords with Gonna Find My Baby / Bad Moon Brain, we haven’t recorded anything in a while and our new songs are pretty different from our old ones so I wanted to get that out first. Next is gonna be The Hipshakes with Shot/Samba which are both total killers, its really exciting for me to get to release something by my friends and definitely one of my favourite bands, when we were first starting Red Cords we used to listen to The Hipshakes a lot so that’s really cool.

There are going to be loads more bands in the 7″ series which will all have a house bag (designed by Sam Stacpoole from Black Tambourines) but those are the only two which we have 100% dialed in right now. I am going to continue to put out tapes and releases through bandcamp as well because I really like the immediacy of it. I have a Murph and The Gazorpos album which is only a couple of tracks from being finished, that will come out on tape through Nerve Centre I would imagine probably in a few months. I really want to work with a lot more bands that don’t have me in them so i don’t look like an egotist prick, so if people want to send demos its:

A few other things about the 7 inches

– They where both recorded in Falmouth, Cornwall By Sam Stacpoole and Ben Woods

The Red Cords 7″ was mastered by Dan E Brown who has worked on tonnes of cool stuff

The Hipshakes 7″ was mastered by Mikey Young who is in The Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control

50thirdand3rd: The Hipshakes single and Gazorpos full length sound very promising. I feel a kinship with your label. So, I was lucky enough to hear a sneak preview of The Red Cords RSD single, and I really like the direction you guys are taking things in. I’ve only heard one of the songs but it’s a winner and among Red Cords top tunes. Raw and primitive in the best sense, catchy and confident swagger, it seems you’ve been able to expand the palette of your influences while still remaining true to yourselves. Can you tell me what you were aiming for with the sound of this single and the direction things are going in?

Charlie Murphy: I feel a kinship with Girlsville aswell i really dig the quality of the comps and The Prissteens release is excellent, having support from Girlsville with the Murph & The Gazorpos releases recently has been really encouraging aswell. I think in a sense seeing the way in which you run Girlsville gave me a good idea of how to do Nerve Centre.

For me doing so many other bands made me realize what I enjoy playing in Red Cords, which is playing stuff which is more direct and primitive, for the songs I write for it I normally get really really caffeinated then press record, haha pretty tame I am sure compared to most people who do this kind of thing. Personally I’ve been pretty inspired bands by like The Nervous Eaters, Teengenerate, and The Marked Men for this stuff, but i dont know if that comes through, we all listen to different stuff so different things get thrown in there. Personally speaking the songs that we have for this 7″ are my favourite thing we’ve done and we have quite a few more from the same session which we are going to try and finish soon.

50thirdand3rd: I’m just flyin by the seat of my pants over here but thank-you! I know what i’m good at with the label, which is enough for me to do it, but it’s not all of it, which is unfortunate because i’m doing it all myself. So I’m also doing the stuff i’m miserable at! Like I’m not great at like record geek stuff like talking shop with record bro’s. I read this one article recently, it was probably some click bait, about the different types of record collectors, and there was one that summed me up pretty accurately: I am a completist. I’m the the type of collector that is a completist with my favorite bands. I have to have every album, single, comp appearance, soundtrack appearance, anthology, outtake, demo, and b-side. And I think that proclivity probably shows up in what I end up releasing. I’m not that good at social media, and it would help to have someone else to do that who was more clever and social than me, and also it would help to have some funding coming in from somewhere, like someone who believed in my vision and could help support Girlsville with like the option to expand formats, or an advertising budget etc. So with that in mind can you tell me a little bit about your partnership with Easy Action Records, and the move towards expanding Nerve Centre releases to the vinyl realm?

Charlie Murphy: Thats really interesting, yeah I think I am similar to that in regards to record collecting. I get kind of obsessed with one band or artist and then seek out stuff they have done and then I tend to check and see who they listen to or are influenced by and get super into all that stuff. It doesn’t matter to me much if I have a reissue of a record or the original, although I understand people wanting original pressings. I think it’s good when things can stay in print or get reissued because it keeps things affordable for people and it makes the music more available which I see as good thing. I totally get how people can have fun looking for obscurities though.

I knew Carlton from Easy Action as he put out the last Red Cords e.p and he is a really nice guy and really easy to work with. When he saw that I was putting stuff out we went for a coffee and he asked me if I wanted to put records out with Nerve Centre as part of the Easy Action group or a sort of off-shoot label if-you-will. It was a really kind offer as it means that I will be able to put out a lot more stuff than I would otherwise and also have someone who knows the ropes to help. I am going to continue putting out both vinyl and tapes though, I think both are great formats in there own right.

50thirdand3rd: I don’t care about original or reissue, and I also don’t care about collecting various vinyl colors and went years and years before I realized people cared about stuff like that. If i’m into the band it’s because of the sound and i’m a really rabid and obsessed fan, which has got to be the best kind. I suspect the colored vinyl is for people who intend to flip it, at least in part. I remember I put out a record where I got a special deal if I used block script on the labels and trash vinyl so it was a mix of colors like pretty ugly colors too like gray, and like toothpaste seafoam green and people were like collecting the different colors of trash vinyl and I was like what is going on?
Ok,Yea! I noticed Easy Action when I was getting into The Red Cords and The Black Tambourines etc. That’s very cool. So when can we get our grubby mitts on this single?

Charlie Murphy: Definitely, I think rabidly obsessed fans are the best kind, I am currently in the proccess of talking myself out of paying more than I can afford for the Tina and The Total Babes record you showed me.

Record Store Day is April 22nd, so The Red Cords 7″ will be in the records shops then, exciting times 🙂

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  • I like the colored vinyl too, I have to admit. I buy a lot from Ebay and where they are used and don’t cost an arm and a leg though.

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