Records of the Day – “It’s Not Easy Rock’n’Roll ” and “Get On This Plane” by The Cambodian Space Project

The Cambodian Space Project

just listen to this and you’ll get that rock ‘n’ roll is our universal language…. WOW!!!!

from their bio…

It’s Not Easy Rock’n’Roll is an update of the opening track of CSP’s 2nd LP “NOT EASY ROCK & ROLL” and is also the title of a BBC4 feature documentary on the trials and tribulations of the Phnom Penh band leading Cambodia’s astonishing arts revival, taking it’s raw/wild/alien sounds to the world. In this version of NERR, the music and words change but the sentiment is the same … it’s really NOT EASY ROCK’n’ROLL especially if you were born in a poor Cambodian village and had no inkling that one day, you’d find yourself swooped up by The Cambodian Space Project and into the undulating orbital spin that has seen CSP grace stages from remote village to massive festivals in more than 20 countries around the planet. On this track you’ll hear Srey Channthy and CSP’s multi-nationalism at it’s best, French, Khmer, English lyrics delivered in a conversational duet between space project diva Srey Channthy (who doesn’t always find travel easy) and the bands Orleans, France based agent Jean-Luc Jousse plus a rousing chorus fro special guests the Mac Abbe Zombie Orchestra.
Tracks from CSP’s fourth long player “Electric Blue Boogaloo” were recorded in Ecotay L’Olme, France, additional recording at Barking Gecko, Bali, and mixed at Ghetto Studios, Detroit, by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Dirt Bombs, The Sonics

and just for the fun of it…..

The Cambodian Space Project USA Tour 2015
03/09 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
26/09 – Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Chilli Pepper Fiesta
27/09 – Rough Trade Records NYC instore 2pm
More dates TBA

The Cambodian Space Project , Facebook

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