Record of the Day- “Dangerous One” by Whiskey Kiss

whiskey kiss

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Just when you thought all rockabilly songs were carbon-copies from the 1950s, Whiskey Kiss comes out swinging with an answer to the same old show. They unabashedly blend traditional roots music with swing, pop, and rock stylings for a sound that’s fresh & fierce, and uniquely their own.

Taking influences from a range of rockabilly legends such as Wanda Jackson and Johnny Burnett, to modern pioneers like Jack White and Amy Winehouse, their melodic and complex songwriting breathes life into the classic rockabilly sound. In the band’s short history, they’ve shared the stage with top acts like The Blasters, The Chop Tops, Deke Dickerson, and even had the privilege of backing the Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson. They’ve also played the biggest rockabilly festival in the world, Viva Las Vegas, two years in row.

Led by husband and wife duo, Niki and Nick White, the band has grown into a musical powerhouse that is starting to gain serious attention. Songwriter and vocalist Niki is a petite charmer with a powerful voice, and Nick White is a magnetizing presence on the doghouse bass. Guitarist Joel Dark is a singular virtuoso; a master of tone and musical precision, and Bruce Legge on trumpet balances classical training with raw fervor. Rounding out the rhythm section are internationally acclaimed musicians Wesley Hinshaw (The Quakes) and Tom “Hacksaw” Coulson alternatively on drums.

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