Record of the Day..You’ll Never Get Away With My Heart by The Hunches (NEW!)


Back in 2002 I remember I was listening to a lot of what was called alt-country – Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, and Lucero all released fantastic records that year; It was a quieter time for me. That is until a punk band from Portland called The Hunches came out of nowhere and blew my mind.

I first heard the song Static Disaster on a college radio station one night and thought, it’s like a car accident involving The Pixies, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cramps. Well I’m not sure if that’s what I really thought, but it sounds good. Basically The Hunches were distorted, LOUD and damn catchy.

Even though The White Stripes were at the top of the garage rock game with White Blood Cells in 2002, The Hunches along with The Reatards, and Oblivians were having their own dinner party in the garage. But as far as I’m concerned The Hunches were like eating glass to The White Stripes’ gourmet fare. Vocalist Hart Gledhill sounded like he guzzled battery acid before recording – kind of like Wolfman Jack begging for his life.

The Hunches went out on top, putting out three solid records in seven years before packing it in around 2009. So I’m pretty pumped that Harry Howes from Almost Ready Records has managed to dig up some unreleased stuff starting with this wicked single that will hopefully followed by a full LP in 2016.

Hit them up on Facebook and let’s make them get back together for a tour!

These are their earliest recordings as a band, demos from way back in 2001, the songs themselves buried away until now, only ever rearing their heads on obscure CD only comps. They show the genesis of the sound that gave us all so much joy when we needed it most, so much surety in times of doubt, so much solace in times of sad recollection. Two caveman hymns, songs for misanthropes who’ve realized that they’re really in love with the world, two rough cut gems of simple and heartfelt brilliance. Few bands have reached further into the depths of human emotion and come up with songs so chillingly beautiful. These are two them, songs to remind you of simpler times, of being in love, of childhood, of days gone by and of losses and tragedies. The Hunches show us the darkness and light, because that’s what real life shows us too. And if there ever was a band that was real, it was The Hunches. Cherish these two songs and pray that we might hear more someday.



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