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1977 Twister press photo low res

Sure for most of us 1977 is a year synonymous with punk rock, it was also a year that saw The Eagles own the charts along side disco. But ’77 also gave us release of the strangest Beach Boys record – Love You, and Elvis Costello’s debut – My Aim Is True. I mention these two records because singer-songwriter Julie Kendall – who goes under the name 1977, pulls more from these two artists than punk or disco.

Kendall tags her music as soft psychedelia surf and “You” the lead off single from her new record – Twister (released October 9) draws the same groove as Brian Wilson’s The Night Was So Young with a little Jenny Lewis thrown in for good measure.

Upon listening to the full record Costello’s 60s inspired New Wave seeps through along with an unmistakable Beach Boys influence. There’s some very strong songwriting here.

Twister is 1977’s second full-length release – the eponymous Nineteen Seventy-Seven was nominated for a Juno Award (the Canadian Grammy) back in 2010.

(Sidenote – 1977 was also the year the Toronto Blues Jays entered Major League Baseball – so GO JAYS GO!)

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